6 Signs Your Guinea Pigs Love You

Sometimes raising guinea pigs can seem like one-sided love especially when we would do anything for our guinea pigs, but would they do the same for us? Guinea pigs don’t show nearly as much affection as other pets do because they show their love in a different way. Here are 6 signs that your guinea pig might actually love you!

1. Licking Your Hands

Guinea pigs lick your hands, fingers and even other piggies as a sign of affection. To them it’s like a small guinea pig kiss! When they lick themselves or their fellow piggie companions, they are actually grooming their fur. Another reason they may be licking your skin is because it tastes salty or has leftover residue from the veggies you just fed them. Nonetheless, it’s a very intimate gesture between human and guinea pig.


2. Sleeping Around You

When your guinea pig starts to sleep around you, especially with their eyes closed, this means that they no longer see you as a threat. It also means that your piggie enjoys your company and feels safe enough around you to sleep. Also, guinea pigs usually tend to be alert right when they wake up in case there are predators around. If your piggy takes their time to wake up by yawning and stretching, that means they are comfortable and in no rush to scurry away from you.


3. Approaches You When Called

If your piggies approach you when you call out to them, it usually means that they recognize your voice. If they come running towards you, that means they are excited to see you. Sometimes it is paired with wheeking to show excitement.


4. Wheeking 

Another sign that they love you is when they start wheeking once you arrive home or call out to them. Guinea pigs wheek when they feel excited or are anticipating something. Whether they are excited that you are there to feed them or they just want some attention, they are ultimately happy that you are around.


5. Crawling Onto You

Piggies crawl onto you when they feel comfortable on and around you. It usually takes time for a guinea pig to open up and interact with humans comfortably in this way. A tip would be to put a GuineaDad liner on your lap, grab their favorite veggie and have your guinea pig crawl their way up onto your lap. The soft liner will make your piggie feel familiar with what is in their cage and it will keep pee and veggie juices off your legs!


6. Eating From Your Hands

At first, your guinea pig may not eat off your hands because they are not familiar with you or your scent. The best way to start having your guinea pig eat from your hands is by leaving a container of veggies in their cage so that they can decide when and what they want to eat. When they start to feel a bit more comfortable in their new environment, slowly try and feed them with your hands. The fastest way into a guinea pig’s heart is with food and once they realize that you are their main food source, their affection will grow.

If your guinea pig has been showing a handful of these signs, then they trust you and feel comfortable around their guinea parent! If not, then you can slowly build up your bond with them. Check out our previous blog post, “4 Ways to Bond With Your Guinea Pig”, to learn how to do so.