DIY Thanksgiving Costumes For Your Piggies

We all remember the many Turkey hands we've made and Pilgrim hats we wore in elementary school. I wanted to recreate some of these memories for my little girls.


To begin, you will need several colors of felt, thread, ribbon, and an optional hot glue gun and double sided tape if you prefer not to sew.


For the turkey tail, I used orange, gold, light yellow, and brown felt. You may use whatever colors you desire, I just decided to stick with the typical fall season colors. 

As you can see below, I made two different "feather" templates. One is slightly longer than the other. You will need 1 of the longer feather and 6 of the shorter feather for an average female piggy. Have fun playing with color combinations!

Place the template over the felt and pin it down to make sure it won't move while you are cutting out your piece.

When laying the pieces out, make sure to have the longest feather in the middle and above all of the other pieces.

Cut out a circle piece for the rear of your turkey, it helps cover up the mess and pulls everything together.

Flip over your feathers and place the circle in the bottom center.

Sew all of the pieces together from the bottom to middle, and you're done! An easier alternative is to hot glue everything together.

Next up is the Pilgrim hat. You will only need two colors of felt for this hat. We used black for the base and gold for the little buckle embellishment.

As you can see below, we have two circle template to help with cutting out the rim and top of the hat.

Do the same as the feathers of the turkey and pin the circles to the felt, then cut out the two circles and a small rectangle for the top of the hat. The length of the rectangle should be able to wrap around the circumference of the small circle.

Sew the small circle along the base of the rectangle, flip it around, and sew the rim of the hat along the free edge of the rectangle. You can always hot glue this together.

Now cut out a small rectangle and cut a micro rectangle from the middle and attach it to the front of the hat. We used double sided tape to stick it on so it won't get messy.

 And now you're done!

We can't wait to see your creations for this Thanksgiving! Tag us on Instagram @GuineaDad!