GuineaDad Coloring Book: GuineaGang Comic

GuineaDad Coloring Book: GuineaGang Comic

Has your guinea pig every guilted you into giving them treats? Don't worry we've all been there before! Here is another coloring page to remind you of that time.

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GuineaDad Coloring Book: GuineaGang Comics











Want more stress relief! Say no more! Here are some other pages you can color!

GuineaDad Coloring Book: GuineaGang ComicsGuineaDad Coloring Book: GuineaGang Comics

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  • Sarai’s Mommy

    Thanks so much for all of the information that you guys put out. My daughter is an animal lover, so when she saw the cute little fur ball at our local pet store she went right into please mommy mode. After getting her awesome school report we gave in. What we didn’t know was that the pet store wouldn’t give us advice that was best for our new little family member. I knew the cages at the store were too small so I ordered a huge one that we picked up. They also didn’t tell us that guineas are herd animals and are happier as pairs. I learned all of this later when my nine year old did research and stumbled across your site. I was extremely upset because this is something all new Guinea pig owners should be told. We went and picked out another one and now the change has been phenomenal. Our little Guinea went from quiet and reserved to active and social. I know this is long but to think we would’ve been thinking we were doing what’s best for our Guinea pig but weren’t hurts me. So glad our new baby only went two nights alone here. Even though they had the guineas caged separately at the pet store. I hope all who are interested in pets research before they purchase. I did minimal research and asked questions at the store but I regret not doing an in-depth research before purchasing. Thanks to you guys however we have a happy pair of guineas to spoil.

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