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GuineaDad Fruit Master List: What kinds of fruits can guinea pigs eat?

You may have noticed the influx of diet blogs we've been posting! The fruits of our labor is here: The Guinea Pig Fruit Master List. (Pun intended.)
Of course, this doesn't include every single fruit that exists on planet Earth, but it does include the common ones that you can find at your local grocery store! It's important for you as guinea pig parents to know what is safe for your piggies to eat, as well as how often and how much. This is the cornerstone of taking good care of your guinea pigs!
Guinea pigs need around one cup of fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement their regular diet of hay, so it's important to include a balanced variety.
Below is a chart linking to each fruit's blog post, along with some quick nutrition and serving facts. Each blog goes into detail about the vitamins and other nutrients in fruits for guinea pigs. We recommend doing all your reading and homework here on anything you may be considering adding to your guinea pig's diet!
We've also taken the liberty of including the Ca:P (calcium to phosphorus) ratio, so you can quickly gauge which produce combos work for your guinea pig! All of these nutrient amounts are for 100 g portions.
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Click on each blog to learn more about nutritional benefits of each individual fruit for guinea pigs.
Fruit Name Vitamin C


Suggested Serving Amount When Yes or No?
Apples 4.6 mg 1:1

2 one in. slices

1-2x/week Yes! A bit of apple a week keeps the vet away!
Apricots 10 mg 0.7:1

1 half in. slice

1-2x/week Yes, once in a while!

9.1 mg


1 in. slice

1x/week Yes, but only a little!
Blueberries 9.7 mg 0.6:1 1 in. floret 2-3x/week Yes, a sweet treat!
Cantaloupe 36.7 mg 0.6:1 1 in. cube 1-2x/week Yes, in moderation!
Cherries 7 mg 0.8:1 1 cherry (no pit) 2-3x/week Yes, as a treat!
Dragon Fruit 6.4 mg 0.33:1 1-2 square in. 1x/month Yes, as a sweet treat!
Grapefruit 34.4 mg 1.2:1

1 half in. cube

1-2x/week Yes, once in a while!
Grapes 4 mg 0.7:1 1-2 grapes 1x/week Yes, in moderation!
Honeydew Melon 18 mg 0.6:1

1 in. cube

1-2x/week Yes, it's as sweet as its name sounds!
Kiwi 92.7 mg 0.65:1 1 tsp. 1-2x/week Yes, and they'll love it!
Lemon 53 mg 1.6:1 none never :) No, because of some sour consequences!
Lime 29.1 mg 1.8:1


never No, sour consequences part two!
Mango 36.4 mg 0.9:1

1 square in. cube

1-2x/week Yes, tropical and delicious!
Nectarine 5.4 mg 0.3:1 2 one in. wedges 1-2x/week Yes, another sweet treat!
Oranges  53.2 mg 2.9:1 1 wedge 1-2x/week Yes, orange-you glad they can?
Papaya 60.9 mg 4.8:1 2-3 square in. chunks 1-2x/week Yes, tropical and sweet!
Peaches 6.6 mg 0.4:1

1-2 one in. wedges

1-2x/week Yes, as a sweet treat!
Pears 4.3 mg 1:1 2-3 square in. cubes 1-2x/week Yes, crunchy and juicy!
Persimmon 7.5 mg 0.5:1 1 half in. slice 1x/month Yes, once in a blue moon!
Pineapple 47.8 mg 1:1 1 square in. cube 1x/month Yes, once in a while like a tropical vacation!
Plums 9.5 mg 0.4.1 1-2 small slices 1-2x/week Yes, just as good for them as it is delicious!
Raisins 3.5 mg 0.5:1

1 raisin

1x/month Yes, not too often!
Raspberries 26.2 mg 1.8:1 1-2 raspberries 2-3x/week Yes, it's berry good!
Strawberries 58.8 mg 0.7:1 2 small berries 1-2x/month Yes, but we probably shouldn't make the same berry joke twice.
Tangerines 26.7 mg 1.2:1

1-2 wedges

1-2x/week Yes, it's like a shot of vitamin C!
Watermelon 8.1 mg 0.9:1 2-3 square in. cubes 1-2x/week Yes, water-rich and hydrating!
Of course at the end of the day, this is just a guide for you to refer to, but the best thing to do when figuring out what is best for your guinea pig's diet is to carefully monitor them and their bodies' reactions! If there are changes in their behavior, their urine, or poops, then it's a sign to either reduce the amount of something you're giving them, or stop altogether!
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