How much space do guinea pigs need?

Guinea pig cage size always matters!
how much space do guinea pigs need?

Guinea pig cage size always matters! To inexperienced guinea pig parents, it may not seem like something that is a big deal, but the size of your guinea pigs’ cage can have a big impact on their quality of life, their mental well-being, and their overall health. 

How much space do guinea pigs need?

The best rule of thumb to follow is the Humane Society’s cage size recommendations. Two guinea pigs need a minimum of a 10.5 square feet guinea pig cage, while three guinea pigs need a minimum of 13 square feet, and four guinea pigs need a minimum of 16 square feet.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not recommended to only have one guinea pig. Having multiple guinea pigs is important for keeping each piggy’s brain stimulated, and it also helps them thrive. Guinea pigs are social animals that usually live in herds. They enjoy the presence of one another and help make each other feel safe.

For more information on what scares guinea pigs and how to keep them comfortable, you can read this post. By doing what we can to make guinea pigs feel safe, it can lead to our piggies trusting us more, which is great for building a deeper bond and relationship with them.

The amount of space that guinea pigs have directly correlates to the amount of space they have to explore and exercise. The more room they have to roam and run around, the better! It could even be a great idea to make your guinea pig cage multilevel to give them some exploration-variety. 

Larger guinea pig enclosures can help increase your guinea pig’s life span because it allows them to stay active and stimulated. Too little stimulation can lead to your guinea pig being depressed and bored, which isn’t good for their overall health.

Having the proper amount of room to exercise also helps to prevent health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and bumblefoot. Less health issues means less visits to the veterinarian, saving you and your guinea pigs time and money. Because your guinea pigs will have adequate room to exercise, they won’t need to rely on floor time outside of their cage, and won’t need to wait for you to come home from work or when you have a free moment. 

While guinea pigs generally enjoy the company of each other, having plentiful space also means that they will also get along better because they have room to be in their own separate hiding spots if they’d like some alone time! 

There’s a benefit to you as well—bigger cages mean that the buildup of waste and overall mess won’t be so concentrated. This will make it easier for you to clean their cage and easier for you to keep it clean, whether it’s when you’re spot cleaning or doing a full-on clean.

The best way to ensure that your guinea pigs have enough space to be healthy in mind and body is by utilizing C&C cages for guinea pigs. The Offbeat Piggy Condo Guinea Pig C&C Cage is the greatest option because of its design.

The Offbeat Piggy Condo was designed with guinea pig safety and comfort in mind. We did careful and thorough research on how to make the best possible guinea pig C&C cage for not only your guinea pigs, but our own as well. 

We’ve taken the time to have the cage powder-coated so the cage itself doesn’t rust, and the bottom connectors have rubber material in order to make the cage non-slip and shock absorbing. This shock absorption is especially important because anything from slight bumps to full on jostles of the cage can startle and terrify your guinea pigs. It was important to us to keep guinea pig comfort in mind when designing this cage. We also provide cable ties so you can anchor the cage to other heavy objects for added stability and sturdiness. 

The cage also has edge guards to cover the sharp edges of the base of the cage, making it extra safe for your guinea pig. And we know, assembling things can be a chore, but our cage is easy to put together, and we provide a wooden hammer to be used during the process. 

guinea pig relaxing in some hay

Space is not the only important thing!

Once you’ve provided your guinea pigs with the proper amount of space, you still need to keep them comfortable. It’s important to make sure that you’re lining their cage with proper bedding, especially if they’re running around and getting the proper amount of exercise. The best bedding for this is a fleece liner of some kind. 

The GuineaDad Liner and the GuineaDad Premium Liner are two of the best options. Not only are they great for quickly absorbing your guinea pig’s urine, they also dry quickly, so when your guinea pig is running around, they’re not also tracking their urine around everywhere and their feet stay dry and clean. 

Your guinea pig’s feet are very delicate, which you can read more about here. It’s important that if your piggies are running around and exploring their cage, then their feet should be properly cushioned and taken care of! Both the GuineaDad Liner and the GuineaDad Premium Liner are super soft and gentle on your guinea pig’s feet, but with the Premium Liner’s AirCell™ technology, it makes this version extra cushioning—like your guinea pigs are running on clouds.

It’s also important to be mindful about the location of your guinea pigs’ cage. Guinea pigs are quite sensitive to sound, but they also enjoy having you and your family around! There’s a delicate balance to this. You can keep the guinea pig cage in your living room, but perhaps away from things like your TV, speakers, and other similar items, as the noise can scare them. And because you aren’t going to always be in your living room, it also allows for them to have some quiet time to themselves whenever you’re in your own bedroom. 

Adequate space and living conditions keep your guinea pig happy!

The comfort and safety of your guinea pig should be one of your top priorities as a piggy parent! One of the easiest ways to achieve these things is to provide them with a safe and comfortable place to live. By doing this, you’re already on your way to making sure they live long and happy lives.

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Hi, first time Guinea Mum! Buying for my daughters birthday but making sure they’re right for us and have correct information. Buying two to live together as suggested but would like advice on house I like if it’s big enough please. 24” high, 39” wide, 20” deep over 3 floors with ramps to climb. Sorry would’ve attached photo but not an option. Thanks


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