Celebrate Halloween with your guinea pigs!

How to Celebrate Halloween With Your Guinea Pigs

Happy Halloween, GuineaGang!

That spooky time of year is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the creepy side of our cavies! Like most other prey animals, pigs aren’t usually known for their love of scary things.

If the world around you already seems big and loud and dangerous, it stands to reason that you don’t want to add any more spooky uncertainty to your life than necessary. This doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the sillier side of Halloween with our piggies though!

scared guinea pig

Making our guinea pigs feel safe and secure is always a good first step when introducing something new. Minimize loud noises, startling movements, and bright lights, and you may find that your piggies will start to feel more at ease with this spooky time of year.

If that’s the case, then you’re free to have them join you in the festivities! 

Celebrate Halloween With Your Guinea Pigs

Celebrating Halloween with your pet guinea pigs can be a fun and creative way to include them in the festivities. Keep in mind that guinea pigs are sensitive animals, so it's essential to prioritize their safety and comfort. 

As long as your piggies feel happy and safe, there’s no wrong way to celebrate, but we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite activities for you to partake in with your furry friends:

guinea pig pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween activity, and it’s one that your guinea pigs are guaranteed to want to help you with. It is okay to let guinea pigs eat pumpkin (raw and in small amounts), and they’re likely to love this festive treat!

Making sure to keep any sharp instruments away from your guinea pigs, you can see if they want to help you nibble a design, or just snack on some pumpkin while they watch you work. Remember to wash the outside of the pumpkin if they’re going to be eating any! 

(Tip: Pumpkin seeds are high and fat, and can get stuck in guinea pigs’ teeth or become choking hazards, so it’s best to carefully remove all the seeds before having your guinea pigs join you.) 

Safe Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs

guinea pig hat
As we know, guinea pigs should never be put in clothing or environments that restrict their movements or breathing, or make them feel stressed, and avoid costumes with small parts that they might chew on or swallow. If you're looking for some safe, on-restrictive options for halloween costumes, hats are going to be your best bet!

Blog: Why Not to Put Clothes on Guinea Pigs

Making tiny hats out of bits of non-toxic cardboard or paper is a delightful and safe way to get your piggies involved in the Halloween spirit, and most importantly, they can remove these hats whenever they feel like it. All GuineaDad products come with a bonus non-toxic cardboard hidey, so save those cutouts from your last Crunchy Condo and use it to design your piggies' Halloween hats! 

Guinea pig halloween costumes

Try a tiny pointed hat for a witch, or depending on your guinea pig’s temperament, perhaps a hat for a sinister little puritan witch hunter!

guinea pig costume for Halloween

Halloween DIY Decor 

Along with these fun cardboard Halloween hats, there are endless options for fun DIY Halloween-themed cage decorations. Spooky painted Halloween backdrops and character cutouts can be super fun to make, and they’re likely to provide you with some fantastic photo opportunities! Try positioning a Dracula cut on the other side of their water bottle so you can get a closeup when they take a drink.

DIY Halloween crafts for guinea pigs- Dracula cutout


You can try painting scenes from Nightmare Before Christmas, Scream, or any other favorite scary movie. Just make sure it’s not too creepy for your cavies!

Halloween decorations - paintings

Smooth wood panels are great for painting on if it’s something you’re going to keep near your piggies’ cage, and there are tons of great non-toxic, water-based paints you can purchase from any arts & crafts store. Transport your piggies into a spooky pumpkin patch or an eerie ancient cemetery, and get as creative as you like!

DIY Halloween muralIn fact, while you’re at it, why not just paint a mural on the entire wall! Here are some ideas if you're looking for some bigger mural projects for your guinea pigs’ room.

Halloween MuralDecorated Halloween homes can be fun for the whole household, so go wild! Decorating the house for Halloween doesn’t have to be temporary! If there’s a design or scene you like, you can leave it up all year to add a spooky and fun atmosphere to your home regardless of the season! 

Halloween Mural

You can decorate the inside of your guinea pigs' cage with safe and pet-friendly Halloween-themed items, like miniature pumpkins, paper ghosts, and spooky tree stump hideys!

Halloween Photoshoot
Set up a mini Halloween-themed photoshoot with your guinea pigs. Use props, costumes, and a backdrop to capture adorable pictures of your furry friends.

Pet Costume Parade
If you have multiple guinea pigs, consider having a mini costume parade in a safe, enclosed space. Let them strut their stuff in their Halloween outfits.

Special Halloween Treats
Prepare Halloween-themed treats for your guinea pigs. You can create small "pumpkin" snacks using safe vegetables like bell peppers or carrots.

guinea pig trick-or-treating, guinea pig eating bell pepper

Remember to consult with your veterinarian beforehand if you're unsure about whether treats are safe for your pets. You can also check out some of our guinea pig food blogs for quick snacking tips.

Trick-or-Treating for Guinea Pigs
Set up a small trick-or-treat station with guinea pig-friendly snacks or toys. Encourage your guinea pigs to "trick-or-treat" by placing treats in small Halloween-themed containers or hiding them in a safe, designated area.

Halloween Hide-and-Seek
Guinea pigs are naturals at hide-and-seek! Well, certainly the hiding part, anyway.

Create a simple DIY maze or hide-and-seek game using cardboard boxes, 
fun wooden hideys, or your guinea pigs' favorite liner pocket, and hide some guinea pig-safe Halloween-themed treats like some orange and yellow bell peppers or little bits of pumpkin for your pets to find.

Guinea pig bedding - guinea pig hide and seek, GuineaDad cage liner

Guinea Pig-Safe Halloween Toys
Provide your guinea pigs with Halloween-themed toys to play with, such as cardboard tubes, stuffed fabric pumpkins, or chewable Halloween shapes. Ensure these toys are safe for them to nibble on.

Spooky Music and Storytime
Play some quiet Halloween music or read a spooky story to your guinea pigs. The soothing sound of your voice can be comforting to them while they get into the holiday spirit.

A Pet-Friendly Halloween Movie Night
Spend some quality time with your guinea pigs by watching a pet-friendly Halloween movie together. Keep in mind that loud noises or sudden scares can be stressful for them, so choose something with a gentle atmosphere.

Guinea pig halloween

Remember that not all guinea pigs will enjoy the same activities, so always monitor their reactions and comfort levels. Make sure they have a quiet space to retreat to if they become stressed. Safety and comfort should always be our top priorities when celebrating Halloween with our guinea pigs.

We hope these tips help you have tons of Halloween fun with your guinea pigs! Let us know in the comments if you and your guinea pigs have any of your own fun Halloween activities or traditions!

Happy Halloween, GuineaGang!

~ GuineaDad

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Some guinea pigs don’t mind wearing hats or capes without strings for short periods of time, but we strongly suggest not putting any other type of clothing or costumes on a guinea pig, as they can cause stress, breathing difficulty, and mobility issues.

Adding clothes in photoshop is okay though!



I need to know how to dress your guinea pig in a Halloween costume.


I need to know how to dress your guinea pig in a Halloween costume.


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