how to keep your guinea pigs cool especially during the summer

How to Keep a Guinea Pig Cool in Summer

Summer is upon us and while more sunshine may be fun for us, the increased heat can be a problem for your piggies! Here are a few tips and tricks to learn how to keep your guinea pigs cool and safe this summer!

Learn how to keep a guinea pig cool, even in the summer!

Keeping Guinea Pigs Cool in the Summer

Guinea pigs should be kept in temperatures around 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 80 degrees or below 60 degrees is detrimental to their health. Many people wonder how to keep guinea pigs cool in the summer. Learn some tips below!

  • Give your guinea pig vegetables that are high in water content! But don’t forget to keep their diets varied.
  • Use a fan or air conditioner! For air flow and cool air, it helps lower their temperature. Fans must face away from the guinea pig!
  • Move their hutch to a cooler place! Make sure they’re away from the sun or are in a shady spot.
  • Keep ice packs close! Wrap ice packs in a cloth so your piggies can sit next to them.
  • Give them cold water! Try putting a couple of ice cubes in their water.
  • Brush your piggies’ fur! Remove excess fur – there’s no need for a winter coat in hot weather.

Heatstroke Symptoms

Panting, slobbering, fatigue, reluctance to move, and convulsions are all guinea pig heatstroke symptoms. If there are signs of a heatstroke, cool them down by wetting their fur, ears, and feet. Take them to a vet immediately!
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My pigs love to lay on top of marble tiles in the summer. They are often sold at home improvement stores. About 1’x1’x0.25’

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