Visit to Local Animal Rescue: Nevada SPCA

GuineaDad Visiting a animal rescue: Nevada SPCA. We go to volunteer and/or donate supplies for guinea pigs!

A Trip to a Local Animal Rescue

Nevada SPCA

Giving back to the community was something that we've always strived to do and have been by finding guinea pig rescues to donate liners, hay, treats, or supplements. We’ve wanted to a bit more actively helpful but with the necessary precaution we had to take due to COVID-19, this had to be postponed for a safer time. Fortunately after months have passed, we were finally able to visit a local rescue Nevada SPCA, to be able to witness the guinea pigs and other small animals that we would be able to help. 

visiting Nevada SPCA


Upon arriving at Nevada SPCA, we were greeted by the executive director Lori, along with the communications manager, Amy. We took couple gifts for them to "win" using our wheel of fortune, unbeknownst to them that they would be receiving all of them regardless of the outcome. We took 3 different C&C cages provided by Offbeat Club, GuineaDad Liners, Crunchy Condos, and a vacuum to simplify their spot cleaning tasks as possible prizes.  

"Charity Begins at Home"

Lori was kind enough to spare some of her time to have an interview with us. Below is the transcript of part of the interview which you can see for yourself next week when we upload the video on our YouTube channel! 

GuineaDad interviews executive director of Nevada SPCA

  • What are the requirements to adopt small animals from Nevada SPCA 
    • “Nevada SPCA has adoption counselors that talk to potential adopters to determine what they would need in order be a good fit for the animal. Some of the questions that are asked is what kind of home environment would the animal have and where it will be kept. Another question is whether the adopter would be willing to invest in supplies and time to properly care for the animal. Nevada SPCA is invested into each adopter to ensure that each animal is going to the best possible environment once it leaves the shelter. We are committed to enriching humans’ lives but our first commitment is to the animal themselves.” 
  • There are dogs, cats, and various small animals at the shelter. Are small animals less likely to get adopted over dogs or cats? 
    • Actually they are more likely to get adopted. For example, we had 15 rats that came in couple weeks ago, and now there is only 4 remaining. Guinea pigs and rabbits don’t stay very long and find homes very quickly” 
  • How do we prevent small animals from being abandoned, and what precautions can we take? 
    • This is something that starts with organizations like Nevada SPCA to vet potential adopters, to make sure it’s not someone that will abandon the animal. One way of making sure is to ask questions to make sure they are financially stable and they will prioritize the animal. We are planning to open Nevada SPCA Food Pantry, opening this Thursday October 22. This program is specifically to provide assistance for people in southern Nevada that need food assistance. 
  • Most and least favorite part of working at the rescue 
    • “Most favorite part is when an animal that has stayed for a long period of time is able to find a home. Least favorite is when animals that come in from being neglected or abused.” 
  • How can everyone help to make a difference 
    • “Two expressions, Ghandi says you can judge a society based on how they treat their animals. The other one is that “charity begins at home” 

Being Able to Give Back Locally

Donating to Nevada SPCA

This was a great time for all of us and were so glad that we were able to help Nevada SPCA with all their guinea pigs need. Through our venture we were able to develop a new friendship and partnership and look forward to being able to continually give back to the community locally, broadly, and hopefully soon, globally! If you'd like to find a rescue near you you can refer to our other blog!

GuineaDad at Nevada SPCA


Guinea Pigs at Nevada SPCA making good use of our donations!

guinea pig using guineadad liner

donating to guinea pig rescues

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