GuineaDad Coloring Book: GuineaGang Comics

Coloring books are a great way to pass the time, and they're a perfect way to relieve stress. Not to mention, our color books are based on our GuineaDad Instagram comics, based on real events piggy parents and pet parents can relate to! This is a great activity to do on your own or your children. Feel free to color these and make them your own personal masterpieces. Don't forget to tag us on our Instagram to be featured!

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GuineaGang Coloring Book #39: Guinea Pigs Don't Like This!

As a first time piggy parent, maybe some of the mistakes might deal with holding guinea pigs. Always remember that guinea pigs should be held very carefully and to never cradle your guinea pig. They have very sensitive backs!

holding a guinea pig

GuineaGang Coloring Book #38: Free Roaming Guinea Pigs..

When you have free roaming guinea pigs, this is an every day thing. They want to follow you around everywhere, mostly because they want to get a treat or two out of you. It works every time..

free roaming guinea pigs

GuineaGang Coloring Book #37: Guinea Pig Farts..

Farting is a natural occurrence for guinea pigs. So if you've ever been in this situation, don't worry. It's totally normal for your guinea pig to pass gas, and if you haven't... well be thankful lol.

guinea pig farts

GuineaGang Coloring Book #36: There's Always One!

There's always one in the guinea pig herd that eats more than the others! Those are the ones you have to look out for! They really put the "pig" in "guinea pig". 

Guinea pig eating time

GuineaGang Coloring Book #35: Hide the Nail Clippers!

Don't make the mistake of dropping the nail clippers! Once they see it, they won't go near you! Guinea pigs hate nail clipping day! 

guinea pig nail clippers

GuineaGang Coloring Book #35: Open the Fridge!

I wonder if this is what my guinea pig's think when I pass by the fridge without giving them treats! Once you open the fridge there's no going back or helping those cute guinea pig wheeks!

guinea pig wheeks

GuineaGang Coloring Book #34: Pea Flake Obsession

Never get in the way of a guinea pig and their treats! You'll be their favorite person when you're holding their pea flakes, and if you're not, then you'll just have to keep getting more for them!

Guinea pig pea flakes

GuineaGang Coloring Book #33: Guinea Pig Parents Relate!

Maybe it's just a guinea pig parent thing but I always have the urge to show new people my guinea pigs. They're practically my children! I'm sure many pet parents can relate!

Guinea pig parents

GuineaGang Coloring Book #32: OH! Guinea Pig Clippers!

Guinea pig clippers are their worst nightmare. If it's in sight, they won't go anywhere near it. It's like a scene from a scary movie!

guinea pig clippers

GuineaGang Coloring Book #31: Small Guinea Pigs Can Be Bossy!

What is it about the smallest guinea pig in the herd always holding the most dominance. They may be the smallest in the pack, but boy do they have a lot of personality! Who's the dominant one in your herd?

Guinea Pig Dominance Herd

GuineaGang Coloring Book #30: Guinea Pig Food Over Everything

If it comes down to you or food, your guinea pigs will almost always choose food. You just can't compete with their food. It's just too good!

Guinea pig food

GuineaGang Coloring Book #29: What's Mine is Mine

Guinea pigs are not great at sharing, especially when they know its a food they can eat. Once they get a whiff of a salad, they know how to get you to give them a veggie or two!

Guinea Pig Veggies


GuineaGang Coloring Book #28: Guinea Pigs vs. Other Pets

Some of us have different kinds of pets. Sometimes, we all love our pets a little differently, but not any less of course! 

Guinea Pigs vs. Other Pets

GuineaGang Coloring Book #27: Guinea Pigs Are So Thoughtful

When you live a life with guinea pigs, not even poop can phase you. It's just an every day thing as a piggy parent- almost a every 5 minute thing!

Guinea Pig Poop

GuineaGang Coloring Book #26: Three Doors Guinea Pigs Know!

Guinea pigs are super smart, in fact they can recognize people and patterns. This could come in handy when teaching them tricks, but when it comes to opening treats or the fridge- don't get me started!

guinea pig treats

GuineaGang Coloring Book #25: Guinea Pig's Territory!

Guinea pigs can be territorial, especially male guinea pigs. One of the ways they show dominance is by scent-marking. So if you see your guinea pig rubbing their bum on something, they're just trying to make it theirs!

Guinea Pig Scent Marking

GuineaGang Coloring Book #24: How to Get My Guinea Pig's Attention!

Sometimes it may feel like your guinea pig is straight up ignoring you. Here is something that will immediately get their attention! Wave and crinkle their favorite GuineaDad treats. They will come running!

Guinea pig treats

GuineaGang Coloring Book #23: Guinea Pig Treats!

Every guinea pig is triggered by the bag crinkle/ cup shake of GuineaDad Pea Flakes. It's a guinea pig's favorite treat, guaranteed to bring a wheek or two! 

guinea pig treats

GuineaGang Coloring Book #22: Your Guinea Pig Voice!

Everyone has that cute voice they use to call and talk to their pets. It seems like the only way my guinea pig listens to me is when I use this type of voice. I think all fur parents can relate to this!

Guinea Pig Sound and Voices

GuineaGang Coloring Book #21: Guinea Pig Nicknames!

Many fur parents have a lot of nicknames for their fur babies. I know my guinea pigs have a lot of names they go by. For some reason, the respond to all of them. How many nicknames do you have for your guinea pigs?

guinea pig names

GuineaGang Coloring Book #20: Guinea Pig Wheeks!

Whenever it's veggie time in the GuineaDad household, they know it. I bet they see me in slow motion just like this! They always wheek as soon as I'm near the kitchen or open the fridge, it's just an automatic reaction!

Guinea pig wheeking

GuineaGang Coloring Book #19: Guinea Pig Obsessed

I wonder what my guinea pigs think when I constantly check up on them to say hello or just to admire them. I know my guinea pigs probably wonder why I am so clingy with them, but I'm sure this is one most guinea pig parents can relate to!

Guinea pig cage humor

GuineaGang Coloring Book #19: Daydreaming is Dangerous

Guinea pigs love interacting with their piggy parent, and even cuddle time. During cuddle or floor time, it is always important to have GuineaDad Liners around in case your piggies have an accident. If not, the outcome can be pretty bad...

Guinea pig sleeping

GuineaGang Coloring Book #18: Guinea Pig Tricks!

Guinea pigs can learn tricks, however it takes quite a bit of patience and encouragement. Some are fast learners, and others may take a few more times of practicing to learn. This is a great way to bond with your piggy!

Guinea pig learning tricks

GuineaGang Coloring Book #17: Guinea Pig Zoomies!

Guinea pig parents, don't you just love when your guinea pigs get the bad case of the zoomies! My guinea pigs love to popcorn and zoom right after I clean their guinea pig bedding and cage! I love it! 

Guinea pig zoomies

GuineaGang Coloring Book #16: Not Sneaky Enough!

Guinea pig things that just make sense... lifting your guinea pig's hidey and finding their poop pile. I knew it was too good to be true!

Guinea Pig GuineaDad Coloring Book

GuineaGang Coloring Book #15: No Valentine, No Worries

Don't have a valentine this Valentine's Day? Don't worry, your guinea pig loves you and always will! Aren't pets great? They'll love you through anything!

Guinea Pig Valentine's Day

GuineaGang Coloring Book #14: Piggies First, Human Last...

The whole world revolves around our guinea pigs. Our breakfast? That's not relevant until we give them theirs. Guess we'll have to be faster next time!

guinea pigs breakfast time

GuineaGang Coloring Book #13: Guinea Pig Pouting

You know that sad pout your guinea pig makes that makes you want to give them more pea flakes? We know that face all too well! I give in every single time!

Guinea pig pout coloring book

Comic #12: Sharing? What is That?

As a piggy parent of two princesses, nothing they own is shared. Which means they have to have their own guinea pig hidey at all times. Sometimes it feels like guinea pigs are worse at sharing than kids. 

Sharing guinea pigs coloring book

Comic #11: Taking Selfies Ain't Easy!

Here's something a lot of fur parents can relate to. I understand your pain of trying to get that perfect selfie with your fur baby but they just can't seem to sit still. Don't worry, I'm with you!

guinea pig nail cutting

Comic #10: Guinea Pig Poop!

Cecotropes are produced from the guinea pig and are eaten for vitamins and fiber. To us however, this may look like a guinea pig is simply eating their poop. This is actually an important routine that happens at a certain time of the day and helps them stay healthy! So don't panic if you see this happening with your guinea pig, it is completely normal.

Guinea pig poop

Comic #9: No Touchy

Some guinea pigs don't seem to mind, but a lot of guinea pigs do not like their butt being touched. So avoid the butt boop at all costs!

Guinea pig petting

Comic #8: Picky Hoomans...

Sometimes I can be pickier than my guinea pigs. Whenever they see me commit this crime, I just know they are shaking their heads at me. Always give your piggies the best veggies, preferably the ones with a lot of water (cucumber and bell peppers).

Guinea pig lettuce

Comic #7: Nail Clippers are a Piggy's Worst Enemy!

Guinea pig nail clipping is probably one of the toughest processes to endure as a piggy parent, unless... there is food involved! Always try to have one other person involved to distract your piggy, that always helps!

Guinea pig nail clipping

Comic #6: That Sound That Goes Rattling in the Night

That sound that goes bump in the night? You know, the one you hear at 2am? Don't worry, it's just your guinea pig being thirsty!

Guinea pig drinking water

Comic #5: Death napping!

Have you ever caught your guinea pigs death napping before? Death napping is when they are so deep in sleep that their eyes are open. They always scare me when they do that!

GuineaDad Coloring Book: Death napping!

Comic #4: Sleep is for the Wheek!

Guinea pigs hardly sleep, and neither do I. Sometimes we just take short shifts! Need something to do while you're awake?

Guinea pigs don't sleep often

Comic #3: Piggy Parents Be Like

Deleting pictures of your guinea pig can be tough... that's why we skip it all together and get a bigger memory card. If I had a penny for every piggy picture I had, I would have a GuineaDad mansion!

Guinea pig parents


Comic #2: A Pigture is Worth a Million Words!

You know that awkward moment when your showing a non-guinea pig owner pictures of your piggy, and they're sitting there unamused. Well, this is that moment. I've been there! 

guinea pig pictures

Comic #1: A Pigture is Worth a Million Words!

We all know that moving a little too fast may spook out our piggies, no matter how  much they love you. Guinea pigs are prey animal, and are very timid by nature. We are human, so its okay that we sometimes forget!

Guinea pigs prey animal coloring book