YouTube Editor (Part-time)

GuineaDad is looking for a YouTube Video Editor who can edit YouTube videos to be fun and engaging for the viewer. We want someone who is diligent and passionate about the work they produce for us and work well collaboratively with the other members of GuineaDad. Our goal for YouTube is to create a fun space for guinea pig lovers to feel welcome and to spread awareness on guinea pig health!


  • Create interesting / trendy video concepts that ultimately will catch the attention of more than just our subscribers
  • Edit engaging videos that keep the attention of the viewer
  • Be able to color correct footage to look bright and lively
  • Be able to pair the video with music that fits the mood
  • Have a sense of humor "Click Here for a YouTube Example"
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails, titles, hashtags, and IGTV trailers


  • Willingness to learn new things
  • 2-3 years of video editing experience, YouTube editing experience is a plus
  • Be able to meet deadlines
  • Comfortable taking creative direction and critique
  • Exceptionally organized and has paid attention to detail
  • Familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Video Editing Program of choice
  • Excellent with teamwork



  • Monday to Friday
  • Must be able to work on-site 

Does this sound like you?

To apply, check out our Indeed hiring post. "Click Here" or send your resume and portfolio to our contact page!

Hope to hear from you soon!