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Hay Box & Bar

Microfiltered clean hay
GuineaDad Organic Herbal Treats for guinea pigs, including pea flakes, marigold, rosehip, dandelion leaf, raspberry leaf, and chamomile

Herb & Treats

Yummy, Healthy, and Organic
Offbeat Club Piggy Play Package with guinea pig on cushion and GuineaDad Premium Liner for guinea pig cages

Offbeat Club
C&C Cage & Toys

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Helping Piggies Live Their Lives to the Fullest!

At GuineaDad, we create premium guinea pig products for guinea pig parents who only want the best for their children

We proudly give back to our community!

GuineaDad volunteers and donates to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping the small animals in need. We believe that by working together, we can build a strong community to last a lifetime!

Here are some of our partners.

Ever since the beginning in 2017, GuineaDad have had one goal in mind: Helping Piggies Live Their Lives to the Fullest. As one of many guinea parents who wants to make sure our guinea pigs live as happy and healthy as possible, GuineaDad continues to innovate in all areas of guinea pig products.

GuineaDad has held a firm #1 position and continues to get support from millions of guinea pig parents for one reason. If you are using GuineaDad products, you are providing the best for your guinea pigs. All GuineaDad products are thoughtfully designed specifically for guinea pig health and happiness through extreme research and consideration for guinea pigs’ physical and mental health.

To some we are over doing it, but we are just doing it the right way.

Our team is committed to creating the highest quality products for our fur babies, from the best material to the best ingredients possible. Every fiber of our guinea pig bedding material are specifically designed and manufactured specifically for guinea pigs. Our clean herbal supplement and hay are chosen with our piggie in mind with the help of the on-staff experts in various industries.

Whether you’re shopping for healthy food or treats, browsing for the best guinea pig toys available, looking for a new fleece liner, or hidey for your guinea pig, our online store has it all. Some of our best sellers like our premium guinea pig hay, pea flakes, or the new Queen’s Castle hidey go fast, so get yours before they’re gone!

The GuineaDad team has dedicated our lives to creating the finest products designed especially for guinea pigs to ensure their well-being for years to come. Enrich the lives of your beloved piggies by shopping from the best of the best: GuineaDad!