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Piggy Play Package

Piggy Play Package

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Offbeat specializes in affordable products for your piggies, and our Offbeat Piggy Play Package is no different! It features three items that you’ll be using daily as a piggy parent, and keeps your guinea pig’s comfort and safety in mind. (And it definitely helps that they’re almost as cute as your guinea piggies!)

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Product features

Piggy Play Package Features

Cushion - Our cushion is designed to be multifunctional so you can get the best value out of it, not just as bedding, but other purposes as well. Just place a cushion in the liner pocket, and your guinea pigs are ready to lay down on it and sleep! It can also be used as a pee pad, if they happen to do their little business there. You can set it into their cage for the most convenience for you, and your guinea pig.
Pouch - This is another item that can be multifunctional, which will make this a must-have item as a piggy parent. This can be used to handle your guinea pig so they’re comfortable being held—whether it’s for petting, administering medication, or trimming their nails, this pouch can be used for it all! The materials we use were chosen and created with all guinea pigs in mind—Abyssinian guinea pig, Teddy guinea pig, Peruvian guinea pig, and all others—they’ll be at peak comfort. Even your hairless guinea pig will find absolute comfort in our pouch. 
Tunnel - Your best bet for guinea pig zoomies! This guinea pig toy will be their go-to destination. They can run in and out of the tunnel, and you can be reassured that they’re expending that extra burst of energy in a safe and comfy manner. Because they’re able to play and also stimulate their minds and bodies, it ensures that you’re doing everything you can to ensure the longest possible guinea pig lifespan.

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The Comfiest Cushion

Just as comfortable and safe for your piggy as it is to use! Place a cushion in the liner pocket, and your guinea pig is all set to lay in it.

The Perfect Petting Pouch

For ease of petting, and all around piggy handling. Anything from simply holding your guinea pig, to aiding in administering medication comfortably and safely—the pouch is a guinea parent’s best friend.

Piggy Tunnel Vision

Your guinea pig’s go-to zoomies destination. Let them feel the wind in their fur, happily, safely, and comfortably.

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