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Unmatched Quality and Comfort in Every Stitch

Premium GuineaDad Liner

Original GuineaDad Liner

Why GuineaDad Liner?

Luxuriously Plush Comfort

Experience ultra-plush AirCell™ cushioning that pampers your guinea pigs with exceptional softness and support.

Rapid Moisture Absorption

Enjoy the convenience of quick-dry AirCell™ technology, which efficiently wicks away moisture, keeping your piggy and their habitat dry.

Effortless Clean-Up

Say goodbye to mess and hassle. Our Ripstop waterproof bottom simplifies the maintenance of your guinea pig's living space.

Antibacterial Protection

Rest easy knowing our liner incorporates antibacterial fibers, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for your beloved guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Safety Priority

We prioritize the well-being of your guinea pigs with a design that's safe, gentle, and comfortable for their sensitive paws.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Contribute to a greener planet with an environmentally friendly packaging that turns into a guinea pig safe edible hidey.


Premium GuineaDad Liner

Original GuineaDad Liner

AirCellTM Cushion

Fast Dry

RipStop Durability

Shrinkage Resistant


Antibacterial & Odor Protection





Effortless Cleanup

Guinea Pig Safe