Collection: Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs - Fleece Guinea Pig Bedding

Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs - Fleece Guinea Pig Bedding

Why choose GuineaDad's fleece liners?

No guinea pig enclosure is complete without a liner or bedding. GuineaDad’s liners are top-of-the-line and respectively known as the best bedding for guinea pigs in the market. See for yourself; we guarantee you’ll love our bedding fleece liners, and your little piggie will too. Our revolutionary liners and bedding products provide your small fur babies with a comfortable, clean surface to zoom around on while also still being an easy item for you to clean. We’re guinea pig lovers ourselves, so we designed these fleece liners with our three little beauties – Tofu, Peanut, and Dumpling – in mind, further evidence you can trust that you’ll be getting a high-quality product that supports your piggy’s health form us. We wouldn’t make any product we wouldn’t feel comfortable using ourselves, and that’s why you see our guinea pigs featured in many of the product pictures!

Bedding and liners are essential pieces to a piggie’s overall quality of life. The standard of liner you get for your guinea pig will actually have a great effect on their health, so you want to make sure you’re getting the best guinea pig bedding there is. Guinea pigs will spend a large percentage of their lives roaming around a limited space, and that space often includes fleece liners. This in turn makes a liner one of the most used items in their daily routine. Therefore, it’s evident that the quality of the guinea pig fleece liners you choose will have a direct impact on their overall life. It’s crucial to also make sure the liner you choose is super absorbent to minimize dryness to ensure your piggie’s feet stay dry. The level of absorbency of GuineaDad liners are unmatched, so order with pure confidence in your fur baby’s safety. Did we mention they are biodegradable as well?

At GuineaDad, we have the confidence to say that we don’t just make one of the best guinea pig liners on the market, we make the best because we add love into every product we sell. Love for our guinea pigs, love for your guinea pigs, and love for all the other guinea pig parents out there who want to help their little ones live the happiest, healthiest, and fullest life possible! We’ve dedicated our lives to continuously improving guinea pigs’ lives, and we’re constantly innovating products to bring you the best guinea pig bedding liners money can buy.

We offer two different types of liners to choose from: one with pockets and one without. Our fleece liner with pockets gives your guinea pig a comfy, cozy hidey spot when they get spooked or need a comfortable place to take a nap. These cage liners with pockets also come with seven different colors to choose from so you can personalize your piggie’s space accordingly. If you’re not looking for a liner with a pocket, we have the plain liners to choose from as well. Every item in this line was awarded the position of the #1 cage fleece liner for guinea pigs on the market, so regardless of color or size, you know you’re getting the best of the best from GuineaDad.

One of the reasons we make the best guinea pig bedding out there is because we offer different sizes to fulfill different needs. We know not all guinea pigs are alike, so we know we can’t offer just one single type of liner product. Whether you need a large liner to cover the floor of a cage or a kitchen spot, or you need a smaller one for your lap to binge your favorite shows together, both options come in three different sizes. Browse through each product’s specs and measurements to see which guinea pig bedding fleece liner works for you. Don’t worry, regardless of the type you choose all of our cage or bedding liners are made with natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and odor resistant fabric.

Order one today and see what makes GuineaDad’s liners the best!