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Piggy Condo C&C Balcony

Piggy Condo C&C Balcony

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Ramp Liner not included.

This second floor balcony is a great addition to a C&C guinea pig cage as it provides extra space for your furry friend to explore and play. It can be made by attaching the second floor platform and then the ramp to platform. This extra space can also help to prevent boredom and promote exercise for your guinea pig.

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Product features

Product features

We’ve done careful research to create the best possible guinea pig C&C cage for this purpose because we’re on a mission to take the best care of not only our own guinea pigs, but yours too. Pair this guinea pig cage with our GuineaDad Liners or GuineaDad Premium Liners for the uncontested best guinea pig cage liner combo. 
We’ve taken care to have the cage powder-coated so it doesn’t rust, and the bottom connector also has rubber, which means it's non-slip and shock absorbing. We also provide cable ties so you can anchor the guinea pig cage to other objects for extra stability. This cage is easy to assemble!
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For any issues with the cage pertaining to production issues, we will replace the defective part(s). We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label that you can use to ship the defective part back to us, and we’ll send you a new working part after review. 
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Unmatched durability

Our cage is powder coated, which ensures your guinea pig cage lasts even longer and your piggy doesn’t come into contact with unsafe materials, like they would with other less durable cages.

Non-slip & ultra-durable design

Give your guinea pig a home they'll love and feel safe. Our cage features a connector with a non-slip bottom and an ultra-durable grid.

Easy to assemble

Works hand-in-hand with the shock absorbing feature for some added stability to make sure your cage stays in place.

More room to play

The second floor balcony is a great addition to a C&C guinea pig cage as it provides extra room to explore, and can provide them with an additional area for exercise and enrichment.

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