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“The Ultimate List of Funny Rabbit Names”

Whether you prefer funny rabbit names, cute rabbit names, surprising rabbit names, bunny names that are specifically ...
The Ultimate List of Funny Rabbit Names

Naming your rabbit can feel like a very important undertaking, and to some extent, this is true. Your rabbit may or may not respond to the name that you choose, regardless of how funny it is, but you’re likely to end up saying this name a great many times in your life, with varying degrees of love, amusement, frustration, and incredulity.

With this in mind, let’s help you choose a name that will bring a smile to your face with each utterance.

First out of the gate, we’ve got an obvious choice for many silly pet owners:

Famous Rabbit Names from pop culture
Taking these names as they are, or making your own creative variations, are both guaranteed to be a hit among friends, family, co-workers, and strangers on the internet.

For some of our favorite celebrity rabbit examples, we have: 
Famous Rabbits from pop culture , rabbit celebrities

Bugs Bunny (from “Looney Tunes”)
Lola Rabbit (from “SpaceJam”)
Trix Rabbit (from Trix Cereal)
Roger Rabbit (from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”)
Jessica Rabbit (from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”)
White Rabbit (from “Alice in Wonderland”)
Bunnicula (from the books by James & Deborah Howe)
Peter Rabbit / Peter Cottontail (from the books by Beatrix Potter)
The Energizer Bunny (from Energizer Battery Commercials)
Rabbit (from “Winnie the Pooh”)
Thumper (from “Bambi”)
The Velveteen Rabbit (from the book by Margery Williams Bianco)
Br’er Rabbit (from folklore)
Miffy (from the books and series by Dick Bruna)
The Easter Bunny / Eostre / Ostara  (the pagan goddess of fertility who inspired Easter (in addition to the Jesus bits).

Are you feeling that these famous rabbit names might be too mainstream for you? Completely understandable. I mean, how many more pets named Eostre and Energizer Bunny do we really need?

For a choice that’s more personal to you, and a little off the beaten path, how about:

Funny Rabbit Names Based on Your Favorite Hobbies or Food

Naming your bunny after a favorite food or activity of yours creates a direct mental and emotional link between your pet and something you like. Thinking of one will naturally evoke thoughts of the other.

Being reminded of your favorite foods or pastimes 50 times a day has to be good for your psyche. The peer-reviewed studies haven’t come back yet about this (I haven’t looked for them), but I’ll still publish this theory with 100% certainty.

This also helps lighten the mood if your bunny ever ruins some furniture or wrecks a dinner party. “Darn it, Banana Cream Pie, not the ottoman!” See? We're already able to laugh about that ottoman, and it only just happened.

The possibilities for this category are effectively endless, so get creative.

For some examples to get you started, “Soup”, “Sports”, and “Mario Kart” are all terrific names for a rabbit.

Actors and Characters

Naming your rabbit after a beloved character from TV, Film, or theater, or after the actor who portrays them, can give your pet an added artistic flair, some bittersweet nostalgia, or even an air of dignity and class.

See if you can tell what I mean with these:

Clark Gable
Anne of Green Gables
Robin Williams
Ginger Rogers
Sirius Black
Emma Stone
Orson Welles
Lucille Ball
Robert Downey Jr.
Kate Blanchett
John Cleese

Silly Literary Names

Want to add to your own reputation as well? Try going the literary route. But you don’t want people to think you’re just bragging about being able to read. In order to appear humble, you must be sure to make these names into a joke. You can do this with a pun, or by giving your pet an overly distinguished name. Triple-barrel names work great for this.

Par Exemple (French for “for example”):

Ernest Hoppingway
Margery Williams Bianco
Bunbo Rabbins

These names are sure to add clout and wit to your reputation, which is the reason we all own pets anyway, right?

If you want to break out the real crowd pleasers though, here’s a carefully crafted list of:

Punny Bunny Names based on celebrities, politicians, and historical figures.

We highly suggest reading this list aloud:

Bunny Holly
Marilyn Bun-roe

Rabbit Redford
Joseph Gordon-Rabbitt
Christina Agu-hare-a

Hare-y Styles
Bunny Boop
Hoppy Gilmore
Hare-ison Ford
Bunnifer Aniston
Jon Bun Jovi
David Hasselhop
Carrot Top (this one was low-hanging fruit)
Bunicio Del Toro
Mark Fluffalo
Rabbit Pattinson
Rabbit DeNiro
Felicity Fluffman
Dennis Hopper
Benedict BunnyHutch or Bunnedict CucumberPatch

Political/Historical Figures:
Bunny Sanders
Ruth Bunny Ginsberg
Rabbit E. Lee (<- maybe don’t use this one.)
Ted Bunny (<- nor this one.)

Cuniculus Caesar
Napoleon Bunnyparte
Ma-Hop-Ma Ghandi
Bunjamin Franklin 
Bunnito Musolini
Gurbanguly Bunny-muhamedow
Or of course, that ancient Greek beefcake, Hopcules. 

For families with two rabbits, please see:
Starsky & Hutch
Hop & Oates
The Velvet Bunderground
Bunny & Clyde

Religious Names

The religiously irreverent route, while fun, can lead you into murky territory at dinner parties, so I’d suggest treading lightly here, especially if you aren’t in the community you're “paying homage” to.

Provided you have the appropriate credentials (or social indifference) to back these up, here are some suggestions:

Rabbi Bunnstein
Lakshmi the Lagomorph
Ahmed Bunhammed
Bunny Guatama
And of course, Fluffy Jesus.

People Names

One of my personal favorites categories, you ask? Bunny names that sound like human names.
Simple. Silly. Elegant.

Consider, if you will, a rabbit named:
Mary Elizabeth
Jessica (this can also be a little filmic nod to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” so you’ll be in good stead with the film crowd as well.)

And of course, an offshoot that holds true for every genre, common names for elderly people are always going to be funny for pets.



Lastly, though certainly not leastly, we have the infinite list of funny sounds, all at your immediate disposal.

Who ever said your pet’s name has to follow rules? You make the rules! Have fun.

Floop and Gargle

- all winners.

Whether you prefer funny bunny names, cute bunny names, silly rabbit names that are specifically male rabbit names or female rabbit names, or even rabbit names that are just loud glottal sounds -  we believe that naming your rabbit should be fun. And distinctly silly.

After all, these are exceptionally silly animals.

Please feel free to keep this train rolling in the comments below.
What are your favorite rabbit names? 

(There are no wrong answers, but your bunnies may resent you if you name them something embarrassing.)

Catch you next time!
~ BunnyDad

Bunny Sanders

Ernest Hoppingway

Snart the rabbit

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