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How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage (2023 Update!)

Time to clean the guinea pig's cage, don't know where to start? Read more for step by step guidance!
How to clean your guinea pig's cage

Hey Guinea Gang,

Guinea pigs are fun and amazing pets to have. They have a particularly longer lifespan than other small pets. However, their health heavily relies on their environment and treatment. One of the biggest ways to keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy is to have a clean guinea pig cage.

Cleaning the Guinea Pig Cage

I always clean my guinea pig’s cage twice a week. Many of you always ask me, “does cleaning the cage take a long time?” and the answer is no, the cage can be cleaned in 5 minutes. Trust me, I’ve even timed it on one of our YouTube Vlogs. The reason for this is because I spot clean their guinea pig bedding twice a day, so it always stays clean longer. If you want to learn more about spot cleaning and washing bedding you can read our blog How to Wash Your Guinea Pig Fleece Liner (Spot Cleaning to Laundry). 

guinea pig popcorning

Other than that, this is the order I usually clean the guinea pig cage:

  1. I remove all their hideys, toys, and hay from their cage
  2. I spray down their cage and toys with a safe distilled white vinegar and water solution.
  3. (On non-laundry days) I tilt their fleece liners so their guinea pig poop is in one spot. I do this on both sides of the guinea pig cage since I have two GuineaDad Liners in their cage. 
  4. I use a mini vacuum to pick up the poop on the guinea pig liner, and then I use a dust pan for any loose hay piles. 
  5. For any pieces of stray waste or hay and use my mini vacuum.
  6. I place their toys, hideys, and hay back in their cage. 
  7. I make sure they have plenty of guinea pig hay and fresh clean water bottles.

(optional step: I always give them a couple of GuineaDad Pea Flakes for always being so cute and patient afterwards).

Tasty pea flake treat for guinea pigs

I always make sure to switch out their guinea pig bedding once a week, giving them two clean GuineaDad Liners to sleep and play on. GuineaDad Liner is the best bedding for guinea pigs for many reasons but the most important is that it is healthy for them and super convenient to keep clean. This particularly makes it fast and easy to clean their guinea pig cage.

Here's a super helpful infographic to show you visually how to clean your guinea pigs' cage:

How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage

Why is it Important?

Keeping your guinea pig’s living space clean is significant to your guinea pig’s health. Guinea pigs are prone to many bacterial diseases, one of the main ones being respiratory illnesses. This could lead to many veterinary visits, procedures, and a shorter lifespan for your guinea pig. This is why GuineaDad Hay and GuineaDad Liner were created- to prevent respiratory infections, and other health hazards for your guinea pig. It is the main reason behind GuineaDad products, with the intent of creating a healthy, beneficial, and happy life for your guinea pig.

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I love the mini vacuum. I got one earlier to day and it works perfects with the tiny poops.


That video and passage were helpful, I love your tiny hand-held vac. GD. I want to get one like that. Guineadad liners are soooo easy to clean. I Love them.

Adelle Reid

Great video!
I found the vac in the video. You might have gotten it in a set with the upright. I’ll be ordering mine today!
Me and my piggies love Guineadad and my (ex)vet seemed disappointed that there was no sign of respiratory distress or sore feet after telling me how common both were.
Thanks for all the great stuff to spoil them (more) with and all the great educational and fun videos and blogs. You’re the best!


I would love to know the specifics of the hand held vacuum that you use in this video. Thanks.


The mini vacuum you use… I really like it! I’m wondering where you bought it from. I want to buy one. Thanks!


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