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Original GuineaDad Liner (No Pocket)

Original GuineaDad Liner (No Pocket)

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GuineaDad guinea pig cage liner is the BEST fleece liner for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are delicate and fragile creatures! To support their needs, GuineaDad thoughtfully and strategically created the ideal fabric for cage liners to provide a plush cushion for little piggies everywhere.

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Product features

Why is GuineaDad’s Guinea Pig Cage Liner the #1 guinea pig fleece cage liner? What makes them better than other types of guinea pig bedding?

Super Absorbent:
GuineaDad's fleece liner for guinea pigs is able to hold up to three times its weight in water. It pulls moisture away from the top layer to keep your pet’s feet dry. The quick-drying top layer minimizes the chance of bumblefoot and other infections, which can be life-threatening for small animals.

Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Antimicrobial:
Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and odor resistant. The bamboo fiber found in our fleece guinea pig bedding uses these natural properties to reduce the chance of guinea pigs acquiring bacteria-related illnesses, ranging from respiratory diseases to conjunctivitis. These same properties also minimize odor build up.

Grows Naturally:
It’s pretty obvious that we care about our small animal friends. We also care about the environment! Bamboo grows quickly without any pesticides or fertilizers. We prefer to use easily renewable resources whenever possible, to help protect our Earth.

Bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable - another win for the Earth! GuineaDad’s plastic-free corrugated packaging is made with perforated lines that you can tear off and use as an additional hidey for your guinea pig.

To learn more about GuineaDad's patented fleece liner, read here!

Size guide

GuineaDad's guinea pig cage liners are intentionally made larger than cages. After the first couple washes, the liner will shrink to better fit the cage. If the liner is bigger than the cage, you can use the extra length to cover the wall. Always great to guard against a guinea pig pee gun!

Note: As liners are designed to allow for shrinkage, the dimensions listed below are based on cage sizes, not exact measurements of liners.

Standard Sizes:

Midwest: Designed for a Midwest Guinea Habitat, which is ~24"x47"(61x120cm)

2x4: Designed for a 2x4 C&C, which is ~27"x56" ( 69x142cm)

2x3: Designed for a 2x3 C&C, which is ~27"x41" ( 69x104cm)

Other available sizes: 

2x2: Designed for a 2x2 C&C, which is ~27"x27" ( 69x69cm)

2x1: Designed for a 2x1 C&C, which is ~27"x14" ( 69x36cm)

Pee Pads: Designed for the high traffic area (i.e. under pockets, corners, and food bowls). ~12"x12" (30x30cm)

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Most Helpful Reviews

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  • "We have loved GuineaDad liners they’re an excellent product. It has made cuddle time easier as the liners don’t let a single thing through. The boys love to burrow in the pockets which are a useful addition for antisocial pigs. The liners are, however, a higher end product and they do require special care to keep them in tip top condition. But this extra effort is worth it for the money you save in the long run. We have about 10 of these liners, the oldest are 4 years old and we are still using them regularly. Hands down one of the best products you can buy for a guinea pig.”

    - @Ladypigford (105.5k)

  • "The Guineadad liner was a huge hit for us because we can use it either in the cage, or as a play mat to cover the couch for extra safe playtime! We stopped worrying about having to clean upholstery from accidents, it’s dual use is fantastic! Plus, Beanbag can’t get enough of the hidey sleeve!"

    - @Burrito_nibbler (39.3k)

Fleece Liners: Like Living On Clouds

Guinea pigs are delicate and
fragile creatures! To support their needs, GuineaDad thoughtfully and strategically created the ideal fabric for cage liners to provide a plush cushion for little piggies everywhere. This crucial concept caters to their comfort and is essential in supporting guinea pigs' health.

Guinea Pig Cage Liner: It's Their Whole World

This isn't just a liner or bedding for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs spend their whole life in a limited space. The bedding you choose ultimately determines the quality of your guinea pig's life. This is why, at GuineaDad, we dedicate our lives to continually improve and innovate for a guinea pig's world.

Fleece Liners for Guinea Pigs

Different Sizes, Same Quality

Whether you need a liner for the cage or to cover a kitchen spot, the GuineaDad guinea pig fleece cage liner has various sizes for whatever the need may be. Use the smaller liners for lap time so that your guinea pig can comfortably play along side you, helping to develop a stronger bond, or order the larger liners for those new play time adventures!

Playful & Purposeful Packaging

Comes packed in our reusable packaging! Just pop out the perforations and within seconds it becomes an edible hidey that your guinea pigs can munch away at and feel safe at home!

Not sure what you’re looking for?

Head over to our forum to get answers to any questions you might have about our products or guinea pig care.