Feeding Instruction

Pea flakes are intended for guinea pig treat/snack, and is not a substitute for regular diet. Provide a maximum of five pea flakes per guinea pig per day, and up to three times a week. Do not exceed 5 for guinea pigs. You may give more to young or pregnant animals who need more protein.

Efficient Lid Design: We know the familiar frustration when you are opening a treat for your guinea pigs, and they are so excited that you struggle with closing up the treat bag. This is why we designed our guinea pig treats to be quicker and easier access. This way, you can feed your wheeking piggies, while sealing the lid at the same time.

We also designed the GuineaDad Pea Flake lid with two hole feeders. The smaller hole can be used for when you are planning on giving your piggy just a few treats. However, if you're planning on feeding your piggy herd, the bigger hole is to pour more content into your hand at once.