Meet the GuineaGang

Five characters of GuineaGang

BeenZ the skinny pig is the guinea pig mage
BeenZ the Skinny pig is the child of a famous wizard couple. Unfortunately, his parents passed away before they were able to teach him all the spells. This left him with the ability to conjure spells only by reading magic scrolls his parents wrote in the past. As of yet there were only a few spells he had mastered. Once a spell is used by the reading of a scroll, the scroll disintegrates. He wanted to fulfill his destiny as a mage. So he collected all the scrolls his parents left him and embarked on a journey to master his magical abilities. BeenZ accidentally ended up saving Goong from falling off a cliff when he was practicing his portal spell, making Goong a reluctant companion of his until he finds a way to send him back home. He ran into Eee’t stuck in a restaurant door, unable to run away from an angry mob. He used a shrinking spell to help her escape.

Dadoo the Peruvian guinea pigs knight in GuineaGang
Dadoo is a Peruvian guinea pig. Despite his good looks, Dadoo is rather down to earth and a laid back guy. Dadoo and Eee’t are childhood friends, acting like a goofy big brother of Eee’t. He always had a strong sense of justice, therefore always wanted to join the Queen’s Guard. He gathered money to buy a set of armor and weapons to join the army, but ended up spending his life’s savings on one very expensive helmet. He ended up joining the Queen’s Guard/GuineaGang with only the helmet and a blanket he used as a cape. His best friend is Dandoo, the enchanted dandelion gifted from BeenZ’s parents.

Eeat is American guinea pig warrior in GuineaGang
Eee’t the American guinea pig was always a glutton since she was a pup. She is a descendant of a Nordic guinea pig. Her passion is food and eating. Naturally, because of her love for food, she became a very large and strong guinea pig at an early age. She carries a gigantic spork to match her size and her appetite. She got into a bit of trouble with an angry mob after she ate their food at a restaurant. She tried to run away, but got stuck at the doorway due to her size. Luckly, BeenZ was at the restaurant with Goong. He used his shrinking spell to reduce her size. Since then, Eee’t has been traveling with BeenZ as a member of GuineaGang until he finds a way to turn her back to her original size.

Goong is English crested guinea pig archer in GuineaGang

Goong the English Crested guinea pig was a cliff hanging herb picker from the Eastern Lands. He was on his daily herb picking when the rope from his arrow snapped and he was hanging for his life on a high cliff. To his surprise, BeenZ who was practicing his teleportation spell opened up a portal right under Goong's feet. His only choice was to drop into the portal this stranger created. As a result, Goong is now a reluctant visitor of the Medieval world where BeenZ and the others live. He follows BeenZ until he learns his way to reopen the portal so that he could go back home. 

Califlower is Texel guinea pig Youtuber in GuineaGang

CaliFlower the Texel guinea pig is a teenage Youtuber from the present. She is a smartphone addict who found herself in the Medieval time due to over exposure to irregular radiation from her smartphone. She was in the middle of one of her live streaming in her yellow jumpsuit when she was transported to the past. For some inexplicable reason, she still gets signal on her phone. She wanders the medieval world and first runs into Eee’t.