Product Description

GuineaDad Nourish Series - Pea Flake does not include any additives or preservatives. It retains the nutritional properties of raw whole green pea. As GuineaDad does with every product, we went extra step of infrared heat treatment to ensure freshness of the green pea to provide the best pea flakes for guinea pigs available.

Great for guinea pig bonding - One of the best ways to bond with guinea pigs is to provide that guinea pigs love. Pea flake has been a popular choice for guinea pigs all over the world and now it is available at GuineaDad.    

Efficient Lid Design - GuineaDad Nourish Series - Pea Flake comes in a lid that gives you two feeding options. The bigger hole is for pouring more content at once, and can be beneficial for fuzzy herbs like Raspberry Leaf. The smaller hole is for smaller portions, and can be beneficial for more solid herbs like Rose Hip. 

Secure packaging - GuineaDad Nourish Series - Pea Flake packaging is designed to look not only lovely, but secure. The sturdy frame around the cup keeps your guinea pig treats from crumbling. 

Fresh and Great Tasting!- GuineaDad Pea Flake is a guinea pig's one true love! They are made fresh, from whole green peas. It's top notch quality is something your guinea pigs will be able to taste!


Ingredient: 100% Whole green peas

Net Weight (Large Cup): 9.5oz

Net Weight (Small Cup): 6.2oz


Typical Nutritional Data (based on 100 g)

Protein: 23.8 g

Carbohydrates: 63.7 g

Fat: 1.2 g

Moisture: 8.6 g

Ash: 2.65 g