What's Included:

5 Packages of Micro-filtered Orchard Hay

Product Dimension:

Dimension: 11.5in x 10.5in x 4in

Net Weight: 12.5 lb (2.5 lb x 5)

Just when you thought guinea pig hay couldn't be any better- it can! Our new GuineaDad HayBar comes in a 5 pack! GuineaDad makes your life as a guinea pig parent easier and fun for both you and your piggy. GuineaDad Nourish Series provides the most fresh, healthy, and fibrous Timothy Hay your guinea pig could wheek for! 

Healthy & Safe - Unfiltered Hay can unfortunately bring along dust, debris, and things that could be harmful for your guinea pig to consume. Our GuineaDad Team runs our lush hay through a dust filter, picking up any rocks, feathers, or trash that might get caught in hay. Then our team hand picks anything else we might have missed. Our GuineaDad Team puts a lot of time, effort, and love into ensuring guinea pigs can get the best quality of hay they can eat! 

Our GuineaDad HayBar offers an abundance of hay with ease of access for your guinea pig. GuineaDad HayBar is made with less dense packaging, so your piggies can eat without effort of pulling from a tightly packed package!

Convenient Packaging - GuineaDad Nourish Series has created a patent pending and innovative way for your guinea pigs to get the best use of GuineaDad Timothy HayBars. All you do is tie the strings of the hay bar to the your guinea pig's C&C Cage, and that's it! No refilling, no making a mess, no hassle! The perforated holes on the packaging makes it easy of access for your guinea pig to eat from, all while securing the hay in place. The design of the packaging also creates a dust-free environment for your piggy to live in. 

Did I mention that your piggy's can chew on the packaging? Guinea pigs being able to chew and play can also provide mental stimulation to help your guinea pig stay happy. Our packaging like always, is made of food touch safe ink and non toxic virgin paper- making it safe for consumption, safe for the environment. When you're done with the packaging, you can just fold it away with ease and throw it away. Easy with no mess.

Encourage Exercise and Fun - We love our fluffy friends just the way they are, but it's also our duties as piggy parents to encourage a healthy lifestyle so they can live their life to the fullest. Our GuineaDad packaging motivates guinea pigs to exercise and move around while eating from their GuineaDad HayBar to benefit a healthy and happy guinea pig.

Grown in USA

NOTE: Our Timothy Hay can't be shipped to P.O boxes and it is not available in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.