Raspberry Leaf is a great supplement for supporting your guinea pig’s natural metabolism because of the fiber content! It also especially helps out guinea pigs that are pregnant, or have recently given birth.

We put care into all aspects of our Raspberry Leaf treats, down to the packaging. We wanted to make it as convenient and efficient as possible. The bigger hole is good for pouring the Raspberry Leaf out, while the smaller one allows for pouring out smaller, more thoughtful portions. 

The outer packaging is also sturdy and durable, meaning the treats are able to stay whole and not crumble! However, the paper material helps with blocking out sunlight in order to keep your treats fresh.

Another added benefit of the GuineaDad Raspberry Leaf is the fact that you can use feeding as a bonding experience. Guinea pigs love Raspberry Leaf, and it loves them back! These treats are healthy and yummy, and can be the perfect treat and snack to supplement their regular diet.