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BunnyLet’s hay feeder reduces waste and bacterial growth, keeping your rabbit's hay fresh and neatly contained while they eat. The specially designed litter box keeps rabbits’ feet clean and dry while neutralizing odor and bacteria, leaving you with a healthier rabbit and a cleaner home.

Product features

Waffle Trays:

BunnyDad's ground-breaking Waffle Trays are made from 100% bunny-safe paper pulp. The innovative design allows waste to fall through the holes of the tray, while maintaining a clean, dry surface for your bunny to stand on. It's a lovely thing when prioritizing our pets' health also protects our homes from stains and bacteria.

Custom-Fitted Bamboo Charcoal Liner Bags:

Prevent leaks and neutralize odor & bacteria with these essential, custom-fitted bamboo charcoal liner bags. These bags will make cleaning up after your pet the easiest part of your day

BunnyLet from BunnyDad - Helping bunnies live their lives to the fullest!

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What's in the Bundle?

A Game Changer in Bunny Care

As dedicated bunny parents ourselves, we understand the struggles. Amid all the smells, debris, allergies, and stains, we were starting to feel like we were spending all of our time either refilling hay, washing out litter boxes, or desperately trying to keep our homes clean. We knew there had to be a better way.

The BunnyLet Solution

The “BunnyLet” (Bunny + Toilet) is an innovative all-in-one product designed to transform the experience of bunny care from a tedious list of chores into an effortless delight.

Smart & Stylish Design

This patent-pending invention combines a hay feeder and a litter box into one aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical device. 

Keeps Paws Clean & Dry

Bunny paws are sensitive! The BunnyLet’s WaffleTray has a smooth and comfortable surface for bunnies to stand on. The tray instantly funnels waste away from your bunny, helping their feet stay clean and dry. Keeping your house and furniture clean & stain-free in the process is just a nice bonus.

BunnyDad’s Innovative WaffleTray

BunnyDad's WaffleTray allows liquid and solid waste to fall through its holes, while maintaining a dry, supportive surface for your bunny to stand on. Our trays are made of 100% rabbit-safe paper pulp, and you’ll be amazed at how dry they stay. Just toss in a new tray about once a week!

Neutralizes Odor & Bacteria

Once waste passes through the WaffleTray, it collects in our absorbent and odor controlling liner bags. The 100% bamboo charcoal sheets in each bag act as filters, neutralizing odor and preventing bacterial growth.

Easy to Clean!

Cleaning BunnyLet's litter boxe is as easy as tie & toss! Simply lift up the WaffleTray, throw the old bag away and replace it.
A process that once took 10 minutes now takes about 10 seconds!

Mess-Free Eating

Wave goodbye to those scattered bits of hay all over the floor. Our hay feeder comes equipped with transparent panels on both sides that serve as effective barriers against mess, while still letting you watch your bunny nibble away.

High-Quality Materials

At BunnyDad, the health of our bunnies is our top priority. This is why we started our company, and it's why we continue to use only the highest-quality materials and ingredients to ensure every bunny’s well-being.

Reduces Hay Waste

Better for your bunny's health, your wallet, and the environment, BunnyLet stops your bunny's hay from getting soiled, keeping it clean and fresh.

Never Run Out!

Set Yourself Up for Success With a 2-Month Supply of BunnyLet WaffleTrays and custom-fitted Bamboo Charcoal Liner Bags.

WaffleTray & Liner Bag Refills

BunnyDad Hay Bars

Our triple-filtered, allergy-friendly Hay Bars perfectly fit the BunnyLet, reducing hay waste and eliminating the sneeze-inducing task of constantly refilling your hay feeder. Just slide in a Hay Bar and you’re set for the week!

BunnyDad HayBar

Timothy Hay or Orchard Hay

Timothy Hay for Rabbits

The most popular choice among bunny parents, Timothy hay not only smells and tastes great, but it has the perfect balance of fiber, fat, and protein to best support a bunny’s digestive health.

Orchard Hay for Rabbits

Orchard hay is a soft and sweet hay with a lovely aroma. While Orchard hay offers slightly less protein than Timothy hay, its sweet flavor and diminished allergic response in humans make it a favorite among picky eaters and any pet owners with grass allergies.

Which Hay Is Best for Rabbits?

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Head over to our forum to get answers to any questions you might have about our products or guinea pig care.