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Memory Foam Sofa

Memory Foam Sofa

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Introducing the GuineaDad Memory Foam Sofa: Ultimate Comfort for Your Piggies

Treat your guinea pig to the luxurious comfort of the Guinea Dad Memory Foam Sofa. Crafted with their needs in mind, this sofa features ultra-soft memory foam that supports and soothes all their joints, providing an ultimate cozy spot for rest and relaxation.

Product Features

🏡Sense Of Security: Firmer memory foam on the sides creates a cozy, cradle-like feel, ensuring your guinea pig feels snug and safe from all angles.

🦵Joint Health & Comfort: Ultra-soft memory foam cradles your guinea pig's body, offering perfect decompression and ultimate comfort.

☁️Extra Comfort - GuineaDad Premium Pee Pad: Equipped with a GuineaDad premium pee pad featuring AirCell™️ technology for fast drying and antibacterial properties, with a waterproof bottom for protection.

🧹Easy to Clean: Convenient zipper for easy removal and washing, with a waterproof layer protecting the memory foam.

🎨Aesthetically Pleasing: Cute, contemporary design in vibrant sea green or warm light brown, fitting comfortably in both Midwest and C&C cages.

Size Guide

GuineaDad Memory Foam Sofa: 11” × 11” × 6”

GuineaDad Premium Pee Pad: 8”

Care Instruction

For minor stains, simply spot clean with a wet cloth and leave to air dry. Hand wash when needed to extend their durability. Machine wash on a gentle cycle if necessary. Always let them air dry to preserve their shape and softness.

For GuineaDad Premium Pee Pad: wash in warm water, dry on low heat for 20 minutes, then take it out while damp and let it air dry indoors.

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Sense of Security

Firmer memory foam on the sides creates a supportive wall around the sofa. This allows your guinea pig to lean against the sides, providing a cozy, cradle-like feel that offers comfort from all angles.

As your guinea pig settles in, they'll experience a soothing sense of security as their body gently sinks into the plush memory foam. The combination of a supportive wall and a soft bottom ensures your guinea pig feels both snug and safe.

Joint Health & Comfort

Guinea pigs can develop arthritis, which is a painful condition that affects the joints. It's common in older guinea pigs, and can affect different breeds and ages.

Designed with guinea pig's joint health in mind, GuineaDad sofa provides the ultimate comfort and support for your guinea pig. The ultra-soft memory foam cradles their body, offering perfect decompression and creating an ideal spot for them to rest and relax.

Extra Comfort: GuineaDad Premium pee pad

Each sofa is equipped with GuineaDad premium pee pad, AirCell™️ technology that promotes air circulation for fast drying. This ensures the pee pad stays dry while maintaining its antibacterial properties. The outdoor tent-grade waterproof bottom protects against accidents.

Easy to clean

The outer layer features a convenient zipper for easy removal, making washing a breeze. For minor messes, spot clean with a cloth, or simply machine wash for a thorough clean. Inside, the memory foam is safeguarded by a waterproof layer, making sure it stays protected and dry.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The cute yet contemporary design adds a touch of elegance to your guinea pig's living space. The vibrant sea green hue evokes calm and serenity, while the light brown option offers a warm, earthy feel.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the GuineaDad Sofa is designed to fit comfortably in both Midwest and C&C cages.