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Tree Stump Cushion & Log Cushion

Tree Stump Cushion & Log Cushion

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Our Tree Stump Cushions and Log Cushions are the perfect gifts for people and pets! Their photorealistic designs add a flair of natural beauty to any home, and their plush, ergonomic designs make them ideal for grooming, lounging, napping, & playing. You and your pet are both going to love cuddling up with these beautiful nature-themed cushions. 

Product features

Tall Stump: 13” x 13” x 2”
Long Log: 20” x 6” x 1”

Enjoy some natural beauty and comfort with our photorealistic log & tree stump cushions!

Soft and Durable:
These wood-pattern cushions are the perfect accessory for small pets!  Designed to provide a comfortable and cozy place for your pets to rest, these cushions are made from soft and durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Built with durable materials and meticulous manufacturing processes, these cushions are designed to last, complimenting your pet's living space for many years to come.

High-Quality Manufacturing:
As a committed leader in quality, it was important to us to ensure that the exterior fabrics we used, as well as the inside foam cushion, were higher quality and more durable than any current competing brands. These cushions won’t be misshapen by vacuum sealing nor extended use.

Chic Wood-Inspired Design:
What truly sets our cushions apart is its beautifully detailed, bark-pattern design. This nature-inspired cushion features a photorealistic wood pattern that will make you and your bunny feel like you’re sitting in the great outdoors. This cushion’s design isn't just pleasing to the eye – it’s also incredibly soft, supportive, and comfortable.

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Most Helpful Reviews

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A Touch of Nature

Sitting, sleeping, stretching, playing - BunnyDad’s Log and Stump Cushions bring the beauty of nature right into your living room, and they couldn’t be more comfortable. 

Photorealistic Image Quality

The incredible photorealistic design and intricate details of these cushions are breathtaking! The colors and prints are so vibrant, you’ll have to reach out and touch it to be sure you’re not in the woods.

Supportive & Comfortable

There’s something about finding that one favorite seat in your home. BunnyDad’s fruit, stump, and log cushions provide the perfect level of support and comfort, and they look beautiful while they do it.

Perfect For Grooming

The Tall Stump Cushion is the perfect height for brushing and grooming your pet, without having your rabbit run away! A comfortable and supportive place that’s raised off the ground encourages rabbits to sit still, while bringing them up to the perfect height for grooming.

Shop Grooming CuddleComb here!

Vibrant & Colorful Designs

With these deliciously vivid prints, you can quickly transform your bunny’s home into a tropical paradise or a wooded oasis. Your rabbit will be drawn in by the design, and they’ll stay for the comfort. Elegance and coziness go so well together, don’t they?

Easy To Clean

As all beloved items in your bunny’s home, these cushions are bound to get dirty from time to time. No problem! Just unzip the cushion covers and throw them in your washing machine. Clean & simple.

Versatile & Durable

The Log Cushion is just the right height to hop over, roll on top of, and stretch out on. Your bunnies will never get tired of it. This plush cushion is beautiful, durable, and fully machine-washable.

Exquisite Detail

Exceptionally high-resolution, photorealistic detail allows these cushions to capture the majesty of nature, and bring it right into your living room.

Recreate Your Pet's Natural Habitat

Remind your rabbit of their roots as you combine the beauty of nature, with the comfort and convenience of these remarkably soft, washable cushions.

Endless Options For Play

Mix & match the different styles, along with tunnels and hideouts for endless fun. Your rabbit's world is about to get a whole lot bigger.

BunnyDad, helping bunnies live their lives to the fullest.

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