How to Litter Train a Rabbit

Did you know you can train your rabbit to use a litter box, just like a cat would?  This process used to require a fa...
How to Litter Train a Rabbit

Hey there, BunnyBunch!

Did you know you can train your rabbit to use a litter box, just like a cat would? 

This process used to require a fair amount of patience and effort, but once established, would drastically improve the lives of bunnies and their owners. 

As helping bunnies (and their humans) live their lives to the fullest is our motto at BunnyDad, we decided there needed to be a way to streamline this process.

Spoiler alert: I think we totally solved it. But more on that in a moment.

The big reasons that we do anything we do at BunnyDad are: 

  1. Rabbit Health & Well-Being
  2. Major Quality of Life Improvements (for pets and pet owners)
  3. Comfort & Convenience for everyone who uses our products

With these three focuses in mind, we invented a brand new rabbit product that more than delivers on each.

The BunnyLet from BunnyDad

Introducing The BunnyLet from BunnyDad


First, in case you need any persuasion to litter train your rabbit, here are 8 reasons to get started today.

Benefits of House Training a Rabbit:
Training your pet rabbit to use a litter box can greatly benefit both you and your furry friend. Here are eight compelling reasons why you should consider teaching your rabbit to use a litter box.

  • A Cleaner, More Hygienic, & Better Smelling Home
    Training your rabbit to use a litter box helps maintain a clean and hygienic living space. By confining their waste to a specific area, you can easily clean and replace the litter, reducing the risk of odor and potential messes around your home.
Rabbit litter box, bunny litter box, removes odor

  • Reduced Risk of Health Issues:
    A litter box can aid in detecting potential health issues in your rabbit. Any significant changes in their waste, such as the color, consistency, or frequency, can be easier to notice in a litter box, allowing you to address health concerns promptly.

  • Highly Convenient & Time-Saving
    Having a litter-trained rabbit is incredibly convenient. You won't have to constantly worry about cleaning up stray droppings or urine accidents. Instead, you can focus on enjoying quality time with your pet.
  • Bonding Opportunity
    Teaching your rabbit beneficial new behaviors can actually help them listen to you and value your input. Training your rabbit to use a litter box offers many chances for positive reinforcement, and it can result in a healthier bunny and a happier you. Showing your bunny patience and positive reinforcement helps you build a stronger connection, and it’s good for their cognitive health to learn and practice new behaviors!
  • Protection for Your Belongings
    Rabbits have a natural instinct to mark their territory. By providing a designated area for them to do so, you can protect your furniture, carpets, and other belongings from being chewed or soiled.
  • Freedom to Roam
    With a litter-trained rabbit, you can give your pet more freedom to roam around the house without constant supervision. Your rabbit can enjoy more space and explore their environment safely.
  • Easier Socialization
    If you have other pets or guests in your home, a litter-trained rabbit is less likely to leave unpleasant surprises for them. This makes socializing your rabbit with other animals or people a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.
Eco-friendly BunnyLet
  • Environmental Benefits
    Training your rabbit to use a litter box can be eco-friendly. Instead of using disposable bedding, you can opt for reusable, washable, or biodegradable litter, which is better for the environment. 


Tip: Neutering or spaying your rabbit is not only good for their health and increases their lifespan, it also tends to make them much easier to litter train!

But wait, do rabbits have to eat their poop? How can they do this if the BunnyLet’s WaffleTray is designed to filter away their waste?

Great question! Cecotropes, or the sticky, nutrient-dense excrement that rabbits produce from their cecum, aren’t the regular poop pellets that a rabbit leaves behind on your floor. If you see a cecotrope, it sort of resembles a tiny cluster of grapes. The reason you may not see these lying around, however, is that rabbits typically eat this poop directly from their anuses.

This is perfectly normal, and necessary, and often just resembles part of their regular grooming process. The BunnyLet effectively filters away the poop pellets that fall, which your bunny doesn’t need, but still allows them to easily reach those necessary cecotropes.



Alright, have we convinced you of the many benefits of house training your rabbit? Great! 


Litter training a rabbit, house training a rabbit, free roam rabbit

Now for the most important part…

“How do I train my rabbit to use a litter box?”

We’re so glad you asked!

Training a rabbit to use a litter box using the old fashioned method, while still worthwhile, was a lot messier and more time-consuming. It involved:

  • Finding a high-quality litter bin not treated with harmful chemicals, and the right size and height to properly contain your rabbit’s waste, while also letting them climb in and out with ease.
  • Non-toxic, rabbit-safe litter materials like paper or wood pellets (though wood can be uncomfortable under rabbits’ soft feet). Kitty litter isn’t a good idea because it can be harmful if ingested, and sometimes our sweet little bunnies can’t be trusted.

  • A bathtub or backyard with hose access to regularly rinse out the litter box (<- gross).

  • Accessible hay (constantly being replenished)

  • Some way to contain the hay, to stop it from getting in the litter box or getting soiled, while also keeping it close enough to entice your bunny to stick around and actually use the litter box!

  • A treat or reward for positive reinforcement

  • An ample supply of patience

Placing your rabbit’s litter box somewhere they spent a lot of their time, then coercing them to stick around with a nearby hay source and providing treats and praise for positive reinforcement when they got it right, your rabbit could eventually learn to use the litter box (most of the time).

Though imperfect, this method has yielded positive results for pet owners in the past. Now let’s all take a second to feel some gratitude for being alive when we are…

BunnyLet from BunnyDad, rabbit litter box

Introducing The BunnyLet, an innovative new rabbit care product from BunnyDad. A combination hay feeder + litter-free litter box, designed to offer health benefits for rabbits and improve the lives of bunny owners.

What you need to litter train your rabbit:

  1. The BunnyLet
  2. BunnyDad’s ingenious WaffleTrays & Liner Bags
  3. Hay

How to Train Your Rabbit to Use a Litter Box Using the BunnyLet from BunnyDad: 


Step 1. Set up the BunnyLet.

(That’s it! You’re done!)

One of the best parts of the BunnyLet is how much bunnies like to use it. By keeping their hay in the hay feeder, you don’t need any coercion, they’ll climb right in themselves to eat their hay. They may even hang out there when they aren’t hungry, just because of how comfortable the tray is on their feet!

Bunnies using litter box, training rabbits to use a litter box

The specially designed WaffleTray, made of 100% paper pulp is engineered to be soft and comfortable under a rabbit’s feet, while filtering away solid and liquid waste, directly into the leak-proof bamboo charcoal filtered liner bags. The WaffleTray keeps your bunny’s feet clean and dry, while the fitted Liner Bags neutralize odor and bacteria. 

When it’s time to change the litter box (about every 1-2 days), it’s as easy as taking out the trash. Just lift up the WaffleTray, throw the old bag out, and replace it with a new one. WaffleTrays can be replaced about once a week (with zero effort), and are 100% biodegradable.

To take all the burden off your shoulders, BunnyDad sells a 2-month supply of the patent-pending WaffleTrays & fitted Bamboo Charcoal Liner Bags in a convenient package.

But since we take pride in seeing just how much we can improve the lives of pet owners, we’ve also added an Autoship option, where you can have the WaffleTrays and Liner Bags automatically delivered to your home, along with your premium rabbit hay, while receiving a 5% discount on everything. Unburden your mind. Cuddle your bunny. We’ll cover the rest.

BunnyLet WaffleTray from BunnyDad

If you’d like to try to litter train your rabbit using the old process, you can still absolutely achieve success, it’ll just take a bit more effort and patience. Here’s an outline of the process: 

House Training Your Rabbit - The Old-Fashioned Way

  1. Choose an appropriate litter box: 
    Select a low-sided, easily accessible litter box. You can find specially designed rabbit litter boxes at pet supply stores.
  1. Place the litter box in a convenient location:
    Put the litter box in the area where your rabbit spends the most time, such as their play area or enclosure.
  1. Use the right litter:
    Always opt for rabbit-safe, non-toxic litter made of materials like paper or wood pellets. Avoid clumping cat litter, as it can be harmful if ingested.
  1. Positive reinforcement:
    Whenever your rabbit uses the litter box, offer praise and a small treat. Consistency is key.
  1. Patience and observation:
    Be patient and watch your rabbit's behavior. If you notice them trying to use the box, gently guide them toward it.
  1. Keep it clean: 
    Regularly clean the litter box to maintain a clean and inviting environment. 

Training your pet rabbit to use a litter box is a beneficial practice that enhances both your pet's quality of life and your own. It helps you maintain a clean and hygienic living environment, fosters a stronger bond with your pet, and can greatly reduce the risk of bacterial infections and other health issues.

It also provides protection for your belongings, greater freedom for your pet, and eases socialization with others, all while being better for the environment. With patience and the right approach, litter box training can be a rewarding experience for both you and your beloved rabbit.

Litter box for bunnies, hay feeder for bunnies

We hope we just made life better for you and your pet. That’s always our goal.

Until next time, BunnyBunch!

~ BunnyDad

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