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4 Signs Your Guinea Pig is Happy (2023 Update!)

What are some ways to tell if your guinea pig is happy? Things like diet, hygiene, living space, and socializing pla...
here are the 4signs you can look for to see if your guinea pig is a happy guinea pigs

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Sometimes you wonder whether you’re able to provide your guinea pig with a happy life. You may stare at them and stare at them and realize that you have no idea whether your guinea pig is happy or not. A guinea pig’s happiness revolves around their general health and wellbeing. Things like diet, hygiene, and more can play a huge role in feeling their best. Here are a few signs that may show whether your guinea pig is happy or not. And remember, not all guinea pigs are the same so don’t be worried if your guinea pig doesn’t present all of these signs.

1. Active

Happy active guinea pig running

From time to time an active guinea pig means that they’re lively and happy. If they come up and greet you or get excited and run around, it means they have the energy to do so. On the other hand, any pet or person that shows signs of extreme sluggishness means that they may be showing signs of unhealthiness and depression. It’s normal for guinea pigs to take breaks and be calm but if they always seem sluggish, there may be a problem.

2. Popcorning

guinea pig happy popcorn in C&C cage

If you haven’t heard of this already, guinea pigs actually do a thing called ‘popcorning’. It’s when they randomly jump up in the air once or twice or maybe even a few times! The reason it is called popcorning is because they look like a corn kernel popping when it’s being heated up. Popcorning occurs when a guinea pig is excited. It’s typically seen more frequently in younger guinea pigs because they weigh less so their hops are higher and more visible. What triggers popcorning can be from a variety of things such as anticipation of veggies or being in a freshly cleaned cage. Whatever it may be, popcorning is definitely a very interesting way to show happiness.

3. Social

social guinea pigs waiting for treat

Since guinea pigs are very social creatures, seeing them interact with humans and other piggies means that they are healthy. A clue as to whether they are being social is if they approach you and the other piggies on their own. With that being said, if you just adopted a new guinea pig there is a period of time when you need to build that trust with it before they will approach you(Learn how to in this blog about bonding with your guinea pig). An unsocial piggie will pick fights with the others and that will be a problem. It means they don’t want to be near their housemates and would rather be isolated. You can read more about guinea pig fights in our other articles here.

4. Wheeks

Cute guinea pig wheeking
Wheeking is a common sound that guinea pigs make. You may hear this sound when you’re chopping veggies, or opening a bag of chips, anything to trigger them to think that you will be feeding them some yummy food! They make this sound when they are excited or anticipating something. Sometimes it can even mean that they are trying to get your attention.

guinea pig's happiness depends on health

In the end it doesn’t take much to make a guinea pig feel comfortable and happy. As long as you prepare everything they need to live a fruitful life, they will truly appreciate it. Remember to always clean their cage, feed them fresh veggies, and show them the appreciation they deserve!

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My pigs are separated a lot is that good?


Your articles are very informative. I have
learned so much from you; popcorning,
and other audible sounds. I love Rusty
and Nutmeg. They have been with me
since 03/06/22. They didn’t do popcorning
until a month ago. It’s so amazing & amus
ing. I love my boys. Sunshine

Gail Kammer

Guinea pigs are such happy and loving creatures. There’s a great website on how to care for them over at


My piggies,Fluffy and Furry, always seems to be unhappy but always get active. What does that mean??


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