Are guinea pigs nocturnal? Do guinea pigs sleep often?

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

Many piggy parents and pet lovers have asked me, are guinea pigs nocturnal? The answer is no, guinea pigs are not nocturnal. Guinea pigs choose to sleep during both day and night. Guinea pigs don’t usually have regular sleeping habits in general. They tend to sleep for short periods of time, kind of like short naps. Although I will say that this is not the case for all guinea pigs, since all guinea pigs are different. 

Guinea pig sleeping

What Time Do Guinea Pigs Go to Sleep?

Guinea pigs don’t have a specific time where they sleep, but will usually sleep on average about 6 hours a day. While I was filming our most recent vlog, you may notice certain sleeping habits of my own guinea pigs. My guinea pigs tend to sleep when I sleep. Sometimes when I film, you may notice it’s night time and I even mention a few times in the vlog that it’s time for my guinea pigs to go to bed. There’s even times where my guinea pigs will, on their own, waddle to their own room and get cozy. During the day, my guinea pigs are a lot more active and will sometimes take short power naps every so often. Then they usually wait for me to get home, feed them veggies, and when I get ready for bed they are getting ready for bed as well.

Are guinea pigs nocturnal?

Should I Cover My Guinea Pigs at Night?

Sometimes piggy parents will ask me, “should I cover my guinea pigs at night”? It is not necessary to cover your guinea pigs at night. If you feel that maybe your guinea pig is cold, I would suggest covering the cage partially, but not fully because then it will interfere with proper ventilation. Otherwise, GuineaDad Liners are very soft, warm, and come with a pocket they can sleep and feel safe in. 

Can I cover my guinea pig's cage?

Do Guinea Pigs Like to be Held?

My guinea pigs are very social creatures, and love interacting with humans. However, by nature guinea pigs are very timid and cautious. So it is not unusual for them to not want to be held. My guinea pigs in general are not fans of being held, but they do enjoy little head and ear massages while they eat and before bed. It is important to respect your guinea pigs boundaries when it comes to things they do and do not like. 

Do guinea pigs like to be held?

In Conclusion

Guinea pigs don't have normal sleeping habits. They aren't usually considered nocturnal or diurnal. Instead they take short naps throughout the day. The reason for guinea pigs sleeping so lightly is because they are prey animal. This is why we encourage piggy parents to use GuineaDad Liner. GuineaDad Liner comes with a built in pocket, designed to help piggies feel safe and sleep comfortably.


Watch our vlog to refer to the information above and of course for some wholesome piggy content! 

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Hi there, I have a male guinea pig called Steven and he is a very very scared piggie! he really only trusts me around him. I was thinking moving him to my Bedroom but I don’t know how much sleep I will get, through the night!
at the moment he is in the laundry! he does not like loud noises at all! My Bedroom is usually pretty quiet!
should I move him to my Bedroom or not?


My piggies love the liners!!! We have three liners. They sleep in their pockets every night.


Hi I’m actually waiting for my liner today. Do I wash it a few times first so it works right? I’m so excited to get it and hope it works better then what I got , the grey one from another brand

Denise Sabol

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