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Guinea Pig Essentials: What Do Guinea Pigs Need In Their Cage? Pt. 1

In this blog, we will explore the must-have items for a guinea pig cage. Providing your guinea pigs a comfortable and...
Guinea Pig Essentials: What Do Guinea Pigs Need In Their Cage? Pt. 1
(Updated 2023.07.10)

Hey there GuineaGang!

It takes time and resources to provide your guinea pig with a comfortable and happy life. So today, we’ll be going over an ‘essentials list’ of items that every good guinea pig owner should have to provide for their furry friends. 

First things first, guinea pigs! They're the most essential in any guinea pig setup. After all, why learn about essential cage items without guinea pigs to care for?

Next, we have the C&C cage, perfect for customizing your guinea pig's living space. Avoid small, premade cages and go for a larger sized cage that provides plenty of room for them to roam and play. You can purchase a spacious C&C cage with a balcony to make sure your piggies have plenty of room to play and exercise.

C&C cage with balcony and ramp, perfect for guinea pigs

For a clean and cozy cage, consider using a fleece liner bedding. It's 100% dust-free, unlike wood or paper shavings. The fleece liners are also made of fabric, so they don’t create a mess or form dust, unlike other forms of bedding. The fleece liners also create a more spacious, comfortable, and cleaner environment for guinea pigs. 

If you're interested in a fleece liner for your guinea pigs' cage, GuineaDad’s Premium Liners are the best guinea pig liners available, and they come with the cutest pocket for your guinea pig to retreat to when they feel a bit anxious, or to take a short nap in.
 Premium fleece liner from GuineaDad is the best bedding for guinea pigs

For water, use a water bottle instead of a bowl. Guinea pigs have a knack for flipping bowls, causing messes, and water can easily get contaminated in a bowl. 

However, for food, a sturdy ceramic bowl is ideal for serving pellets and healthy vegetables. This is so that your piggies won't knock it over, causing a mess. If you're wondering what foods to feed your guinea pigs, here's a guide on What to Feed Your Guinea Pigs.

guinea pig C&C cage with Pocket liner, crunchy condo, and eating a bowl of food

It is crucial to choose high-quality hay, and make sure that your guinea pig has access to fresh and clean hay at all times. It's high fiber content is essential to their digestive health. By incorporating hay into your guinea pig's diet, you are providing them with an effortless and fundamental means of promoting their overall well-being. 

When it comes to choosing hay for your furry friend, experts highly recommend Timothy hay. Not only is it low in calories, but it is also rich in fiber, which makes it an excellent choice for maintaining your guinea pig's good health. 

Guinea pig eating timothy hay and timothy hay in ideal cage set up

Lastly, a cozy hideaway is essential for guinea pigs. Our Premium and Original Liners come packaged in an environmental and guinea pig friendly Crunchy Crunchy Condo Hideaway, so you’ve got that covered with a liner purchase. GuineaDad has a variety of adorable hideys that your piggies will love such as the Piggy Play Package, Tree Stump Hidey, and Wooden Castle.

In part 2 of this blog series, we’ll go over cage items that aren’t essential, but will go a long way in creating a comfortable and enriching home for your guinea pig:

Thanks for reading and see you again on the next helpful blog from GuineaDad!

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