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ASMR Series - Guinea Pigs Eating Hay

Are you stressed out? Are you a guinea pig lover? Listen to guinea pigs eating hay through our Guinea Pig ASMR! Play ...
guinea pigs eating food

Guinea Pig Eating Hay ASMR

Are you stressed out? Are you a guinea pig lover? Play the audio file or use the link below to download ASMR audio file of guinea pigs eating hay. The sound of the guinea pigs eating hay from our GuineaDad Nourish Series - Timothy Hay Not only will the sound (hopefully) decrease your stress, but provide the pleasure of listening to guinea pigs munching away at their favorite food. Did you know guinea pigs' diet must consist of an unlimited amount of hay Not only doe sit provide the essential nutrients such as fiber, but also helps to maintain their teeth condition by grinding away at their continually growing teeth! You can learn more about other types of hay that guinea pigs can eat through our blog: 5 Types of Guinea Pig Hay or you can see the get a brief idea of the difference between GuineaDad Nourish Series - Timothy Hay and Orchard Hay.  #guineadadasmr #findinnerpeace



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