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Guinea Pigs of the City (Part 1)

Cute guinea pigs dressed as people.Just for pretend.Don't actually dress up your guinea pigs.
Guinea Pigs of the City (Part 1)

Good morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, GuineaGang!
It’s hard to tell when our words might reach each other these days, separated as we are by time zones, oceans, and obligations.

My aim is for you to feel seen, valued, and specific, so un-ironically I’ll offer you every option I can, declaring that whoever you are, wherever you are, whenever you find yourself, this greeting was made just for you.

In fact, just to be sure… 

Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight in different languages
There. I hope you feel sufficiently catered to. You deserve it.

peruvian guinea pig

As technology simultaneously expands and shrinks our worldviews, it reinforces our need to check in with one another from time to time, rekindle old connections, form new ones, build trust, give hugs, ride bicycles, etc.

This following portrait gallery comprises 20 images that reveal the inner moments in the lives of ordinary people, which the artist felt were a good example of that expansion and contraction we feel sometimes; of the very small feeling very big, of the extraordinary within the ordinary, of universal moments felt silently by individuals.

Whether through quiet desperation, wonder, dread, or enthusiasm, there’s a shared urgency to each of these photographs; a common yearning to be seen. Disparate in their journeys, the "people" in these 20 images are intended to remind us of those we know, of ourselves, and of how beneath our surface-level distinctions, we’re all just guinea pigs in funny hats. 

guinea pig in clothes

can guinea pigs eat apples

guinea pig laundry

business guinea pig

guinea pig in New York, guinea pig on the street

guiena pig , guinea pig golden hour

English guinea pigs

guinea pig skateboarders

guinea pig in Chinatowna guinea pig in a cult

a guinea pig at a roller rink, valley girl guinea pig

a band of guinea pigs, guinea pig trio

guinea pig golden hour on a dock

a guinea pig selling fruit


guinea pig cyclists
wandering guinea pig at golden hour

guinea pig in a diner

guinea pig fight, guinea pig fighting

rockstar guinea pig, wierd guinea pig,

lovesick guinea pig with flowers

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They look like meee!


They look like meee!


This was over the top PRICELESS!! These piggy costumes and faces have to be THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!!

Susan M Aponte

WoW this made my day . those pictures are adorable . thank you for sharing

Carmen Santoyo

And suddenly I feel more cheerful. Gracias. Merci. Spasibo. Arigato. Danke.

Julia M. Cohen

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