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GuineaDad Food Blog: Can guinea pigs eat okra?

Just like most other fresh fruits or veggies, guinea pigs can eat okra in moderation!
Can guinea pigs eat okra?

Just like most other fresh fruits or veggies, guinea pigs can eat okra in moderation! However there are some things you should know about the health benefits and downsides before you start introducing this vegetable into your guinea pig’s diet. We've also got a Vegetable Master List that lists common veggies that your piggy can and can't eat!

What vitamins and other nutrients does okra contain?

Vitamin A

This vitamin is great for boosting good eyesight, and can also help boost the immune system alongside Vitamin C! This is important because strong immunity helps with fighting off infections and preventing illness.

Guinea pigs are prone to upper respiratory infections and fungal infections when their immune systems are weak. Vitamin A is also necessary for the regular function of your piggy’s organs, to ensure they’re fully able to carry out body processes to keep your piggy healthy. There is 716 IU in a 100 g portion of okra.

Vitamin C

It’s great for boosting the immune system, which is important for overall health. It also helps with growth, development, and repair of organ tissues. This is important because you want your guinea pig’s body to be able to heal itself and any injuries they may suffer from There is 23 mg in a 100 g portion of okra.


For maintaining the digestive system, as well as helping with maintaining healthy weight. Dietary fiber makes your guinea pig feel fuller so they don’t overeat. It’s important that your guinea pig is able to fully digest their foods, as they do consume their own poop in order to fully extract the nutrients they need from what they eat. There is 3.2 g in a 100 g portion of okra.

Infographic displaying the vitamins and nutrients in okra for guinea pigs

What other benefits does okra provide for your guinea pig?

Okra has other positive effects on your guinea pig's health too! It reinforces heart health, as well as improves skin health. It is also able to help with maintaining your piggy’s hydration!

What are the downsides about okra for guinea pigs?

Unfortunately there are a few drawbacks to feeding your guinea pigs okra. For example, excess calcium can have negative effects on your piggy’s urinary tract. This would cause calcium deposits (little white granules) in your guinea pig’s urine, which can be painful to pass. 

Similarly, the presence of oxalates in okra can lead to the development of kidney stones as well if your piggy eats too much okra. The veggie also may lead to the possibility of allergic reactions. You’d be able to tell by examining their noses and mouths—both will appear red and irritated, and they may move their mouths more frequently. If this occurs, stop feeding them okra immediately and consult your vet.

Guinea pigs can eat okra, but do they like it?

Some do! You just have to see if yours does. 

How should you go about feeding your guinea pig okra?

While okra can have very positive effects on your piggie’s health, it’s still important to limit the amount that you are feeding them. One to two times a week is the threshold that we recommend. The average length of one piece of okra is anywhere between four inches to six inches. 

When introducing this veggie into your guinea pig’s diet, we recommend starting with either a smaller piece, or half of a bigger one! You can cut it up into smaller pieces so it’s easier for your piggy to eat as well. It’s important to start off with smaller portions than you think and then work up to full portions—this way you can see how your piggy’s body responds and whether or not this is something they should be eating.

Okra gathered for guinea pigs to eat

Overall, it is OK to feed your guinea pigs okra!

While guinea pigs are able to eat okra, it’s important that they’re given it in moderation, just like all the other fruits and vegetables that you choose to include into their diets! Make sure to always monitor their initial responses in order to gauge what is safe for them. 

What else can guinea pigs eat?

Check out our Vegetable Master List for an extensive list of vegetables for guinea pigs!

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