GuineaDad Food Blog: Can guinea pigs eat pears?

We’re sure you’re noticing the pattern—guinea pigs can eat most fruits and vegetables in moderation, and pears are no...
Can guinea pigs eat pears?

We’re sure you’re noticing the pattern—guinea pigs can eat most fruits and vegetables in moderation, and pears are no different! Guinea pigs can eat pears, but it’s important to carefully learn all the facts before you decide whether your want to include this fruit into your guinea pig’s diet.

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What vitamins and other nutrients do pears contain?


Calcium plays a role in your guinea pig’s ability to grow and maintain their bones. It also plays a role in the normal function of a lot of your guinea pig’s bodily functions from muscle function to heart function.

There are a lot of benefits of calcium, but some potentially life-threatening drawbacks as well. It’s important that you’re feeding your guinea pig foods containing this in moderation to prevent any dangerous overconsumption that can lead to some unsavory health effects. There is 4.3 mg in 100 g of pears.


This helps your guinea pig’s nerves function properly and the muscles to contract. These are usually things that your guinea pig can’t consciously control, so it’s important that the nerves are properly working to do this job. Muscles have to do with nearly everything that your guinea pig does—this includes eating, walking, etc.

Basically anything that involves movement! It’s also helpful for moving waste out of cells, and bringing nutrients in. Waste removal is essential for your guinea pig’s body functions to work properly. There is 116 mg in 100 g of pears.


This plays a big role in how the body properly uses carbohydrates and fats! Carbohydrates are part of what is used as energy by your guinea pig!

It’s important that your guinea pig has enough phosphorus so that this energy source is allocated where it’s needed throughout the body! It’s also necessary for making proteins for growth, maintenance, and repair of cells and tissues. There is 12 mg in 100 g of pears.

Infographic displaying the vitamins and nutrients in pears for guinea pigs

What other benefits do pears provide for your guinea pig?

Pears have many heart-healthy benefits for your guinea pig, especially because they’re low in fat and cholesterol! This means that eating this delicious, juicy fruit will keep your piggy’s blood healthy. They’re also good for digestion from the amount of fiber they contain, keeping your guinea pig regular and balanced. Another added benefit? Pears are water-rich, so if you guinea pig happens to not be drinking enough water, they can get some hydration from the food they’re eating!

What are the downsides about pears for guinea pigs?

Unfortunately, just like most fruits, pears are high in sugar content. Guinea pigs’ little bodies aren’t able to process sugar as well as their humans can, which means it can upset their stomach and can lead to weight gain. The digestive system can get messed with as well, leading to things like diarrhea and dehydration as a result. 

Guinea pigs can eat pears, but do they like it?

Yes! Pears are sweet, juicy, and crunchy—the best combo of traits for a guinea piggy treat.

How should you go about feeding your guinea pig pears?

If you choose to include this fruit into your guinea pig’s diet, there are a couple steps you should take before serving it to them! This is a given, but make sure you thoroughly wash the outside of pears, especially if you’re giving it to them with the skin on. Most produce comes in contact with pesticides, and ingestion of it can make your piggy very sick. In the same line of thinking, make sure to remove the seeds. 

When serving pears to your guinea pigs, give them two or three, one-inch cubes, up to twice a week. This is the full portion that comes after introducing a small amount of it to them first, of course! It’s important to let them try it and watch their body for any sign of rejection or bad side effects to make sure that it’s safe for your piggy first!

Sliced pears for guinea pigs to eat

Overall, it is OK to feed your guinea pigs pears!

It’s important to provide our piggies with variety, but it’s also important to make sure their diets are balanced in nutrients in order to avoid illnesses, infections and any diseases that may come their way. Their diet is one of the first places you can take action to do so!

What else can guinea pigs eat?

Check out our Fruit Master List for quick facts on common fruits that your guinea pig can and can't eat.

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