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GuineaDad Food Blog: Can guinea pigs eat raisins?

Technically, yes, guinea pigs can eat raisins. Should they? Probably not.
Can guinea pigs eat raisins?

Technically, yes, guinea pigs can eat raisins. Should they? Probably not. While there are some health benefits to raisins, they can also be a hindrance to your guinea pig’s health in the long run, especially if they have too much. 

We've also got a Fruit Master List that lists common fruits that your piggy can and can't eat! 

What vitamins and other nutrients do raisins contain?


Your guinea pig needs calcium for their body to create and maintain strong bones! It’s also important for their heart, muscles, and nerves in order to function properly. Young guinea pigs will need more calcium than some because they’re still growing and developing! There is 62 mg in 100 g of raisins.


Important for the regular function of all cells, and it also helps with regulating heartbeat, proper function of muscles and nerves. When it comes to their muscle function, potassium is vital for muscle usage, especially if you want your guinea pig to be physically active.

It also aids with making protein and using carbohydrates. It’s important that your guinea pig is able to properly allocate the usage of the carbohydrates that they consume—this is part of what fuels your guinea pigs, so it’s important for them to be energized in order to be active! There is 744 mg in 100 g of raisins.


This works in tandem with calcium to keep your guinea pig’s bones strong! It also helps remove waste and repair damaged tissues in your piggy’s body. Waste removal is a vital part of the guinea pig’s body functions, as it ensures that your guinea pig’s digestive system is also able to function properly. There is 98 mg in 100 g of raisins.

Infographic displaying the vitamins and nutrients in raisins for guinea pigs

What other benefits does raisins provide for your guinea pig?

Raisins have lots of fiber, which is good for your guinea pig’s digestion! There is also a good amount of iron, which is necessary for growth and development. Your guinea pig utilizes iron to make hemoglobin and myoglobin, both of which are necessary for oxygen delivery in their body!

What are the downsides about raisins for guinea pigs?

Unfortunately, there are quite a few downsides to raisins for guinea pigs. For one, there is a very high sugar content in them. Regular fresh fruits are already pretty high in sugar, but the process that dried fruits go through concentrates their sugar even more. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to digestion issues as well, because guinea pigs are unable to digest it well. This can cause diarrhea and stomach pain. 

There’s also the matter of high calcium content. As we know, guinea pigs do need calcium in their diet, but it’s less so when they get older. Excessive calcium intake can lead to bladder and kidney stones, which are painful and uncomfortable for your piggies.

Guinea pigs can eat raisins, but do they like it?

Yes, because they’re sweet!

How should you go about feeding your guinea pig raisins?

Considering the negatives, you really shouldn’t be feeding your guinea pig raisins! However, if they have one or two once in a while, they should be fine. We’d say one or two raisins a month would be an amount that wouldn’t have too negative of effects on your piggy. However, it’d be best to avoid giving them this dried fruit altogether.

Gathered raisins for guinea pigs

Overall, you shouldn’t really feed your guinea pigs raisins!

There are many other foods that can give your guinea pigs the same nutritional value without the negatives that raisins have. It’s important when deciding which kinds of fresh produce to include in our piggies diets that we look at the big picture—what nutrients do they need, and how do we include all of them without bringing on any negative effects? Our goal is to keep you as informed as possible so your piggies can be as healthy as possible.

What else can guinea pigs eat?

Check out our Fruit Master List for quick facts on common fruits that your guinea pig can and can't eat.

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