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GuineaDad Movie Review: G-Force

If you’re a piggy parent, then you’ve definitely heard of the guinea pig movie G-Force!
g-force guinea pig movie

If you’re a piggy parent, then you’ve definitely heard of the guinea pig movie G-Force! This film was released in 2009 and was highly anticipated by guinea pig owners and the general public alike. We’ve watched the film again recently, and have decided to do a little review on it. A little blast from the past!

G-Force is a fun film depicting guinea pigs as action heroes that save the whole world from one tech company’s rebellious kitchen appliances that come to life. From that brief description alone, you can already tell that the movie isn’t meant to be realistic, which is what makes it even more fun! 

Similar to the way that lots of cats and dogs enjoy watching videos of their fellow furry friends, we think watching G-Force with your guinea pigs could be a super fun bonding experience! Get the popcorn going (for you) and chop up some veggies for your piggies to snack on, and let them snuggle up with you on the couch to enjoy this movie.

What’s the movie about?

We’ll try to give you a spoiler-free summary just in case you haven’t seen it!

G-Force is a spy adventure-comedy film from Walt Disney Pictures that was released in 2009, starring Zach Galifianakis, Bill Nighy, Will Arnett, and utilizes the voices of Sam Rockwell, Tracy Morgan, Penelope Cruz, John Favreau, Nicholas Cage, and Steve Buscemi. 

The movie is about a group of specially-trained talking animals, including no less than 4 guinea pigs named Darwin, Blaster, Juarez, and Hurley, a mole named Speckles, and a fly named Mooch, all led by an FBI agent named Ben and his lab assistant. 

Ben wants to get the bureau to take their unit more seriously and in order to do that, he instructs them to carry out a special mission to extract evidence from the home of a technology company’s CEO. However their mission ultimately fails and gets them shut down by the FBI, and their worst nightmare occurs—the animals are all sent to a common pet shop where they meet a guinea pig named Hurley and his other pet friends. Each of them either gets adopted by some humans or they escape the pet shop, and the rest of the film consists of them hatching a plan to escape their respective adopters and figuring out how to get back to Ben. 

Once they’ve all met up again, they make a plan to finish what they started—to save humankind from getting destroyed by sentient kitchen appliances. It was funny to see the appliances come together to form different robots, similar to that one kitchen scene in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, another movie released that same year. Apparently, they had the same idea! 

Ultimately, they’re able to go through with the mission and they save the day, all thanks to the guinea pigs’ quick thinking and with the help of their friends. 

What we wish it could’ve done better!

We genuinely have no complaints! It was a lighthearted and fun movie, great for people of all ages and any interests. Love for guinea pigs was not necessary, but we doubt anyone could leave that movie and not fall in love with piggies! 

We change our mind—maybe our only suggestion is that they make another movie and turn it into a series! There’s a severe lack in animal movies these days, or there’s way less than there used to be in the 2000s. 

I know that all the dog movies I watched growing up made me want to own a dog, and watching G-Force has refueled my love for guinea pigs even more as well. We need to inspire the next generation of guinea piggy parents!

Final Thoughts

This is the perfect guinea pig movie to watch with your piggies and family during your movie night! It is available to watch on Disney+, Apple TV, YouTube, and pretty much all streaming platforms except Netflix. (It’s a pretty good photo opportunity if you can catch them watching the film with you too!) 

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GREAT REVIEW!!!! I watched this movie with my 6 piggies and we loved it so much!


Love this movie watched it with my piggy and he was so into it!!


Love this movie watched it with my piggy and he was so into it!!


Love this movie!


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