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GuineaDad Vegetable Master List: What kinds of vegetables can guinea pigs eat?

The Vegetable Master List for Guinea Pigs is here!Broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, and more. This list will tell you ...
What kinds of vegetables can guinea pigs eat? post

You may have noticed the influx of diet blogs we've been posting! The fruits (or veggies) of our labor is here: The Guinea Pig Vegetable Master List.

Watch this short video for a summary!

Of course, this vegetables list doesn't include every vegetable that exists on planet Earth, but it does include the common ones that you are likely to find at your local grocery store! As guinea pig parents, it's important for us to know which foods are safe for our piggies to eat, as well as how often and how much we should be serving. A carefully balanced diet is the cornerstone of health and well-being for your guinea pigs!

Guinea pigs need about one cup of fresh fruits and vegetables daily to supplement their regular diet of hay and pellets, so it's important to include a balanced variety to make sure they're getting all the vitamins and minerals they need.

In the vegetable list below, we've included links to each vegetable's individual blog post for more in-depth reading, along with some quick nutrition facts and serving suggestions. Each blog provides an in-depth discussion of the vitamins and other nutrients found in each vegetable, and the benefits or concerns they present to guinea pig's health. We recommend doing all your reading and homework here on anything you may be considering adding to your guinea pig's diet!


We've also taken the liberty of including the Ca:P (calcium to phosphorus) ratio, so you can quickly gauge which veggie combos work for your guinea pig! All of these nutrient amounts are for 100 g portions.

Check out our Fruit Master List too!

Click on each blog to learn more about nutritional benefits of each individual vegetable for guinea pigs.

Vegetable Name Vitamin C


Suggested Serving Amount When Yes or No?
Asparagus 5.6 mg 0.5:1

2-3 half in. slices

1-2x/week Yes, they're spears of deliciousness.
Beets 4.9 mg 0.4:1

1-2 quarter in. slices


1-2x/week Is this going to stain? Maybe a little! Can they eat it? Yes!
Bell Peppers

Green 80.4 mg, Red 127.7 mg

Green 0.5:1, Red 0.5:1

2 half in. slices

2-3x/week Your piggy's favorite colorful snack. Yes!
Bok Choy 45mg 0.35:1 1 stalk 2-3x/week Yes, and it's sooo good for them!
Broccoli 89.2 mg 0.7:1 1 in. floret 1-2x/week Can the piggies eat these mini trees? Yes, in moderation.
Brussels Sprouts 85 mg 0.6:1 3-4 leaves 1-2x/week They look like tiny cabbages, but should your piggy eat them? Yes, very sparingly!
Cabbage 36.6 mg 2:1 1 leaf 2-3x/week Yes! Cabbage is healthy and your piggy will love the crunch.
Carrots 5.9 mg 0.6:1

1-2 one in. slices

2-3x/week Are they as good for your guinea pigs as they are crunchy? Yes!
Cauliflower 48.2 mg 0.5:1 1 half in. floret 1-2x/week The mini trees part two! Only a little bit though.
Celery 3.1 mg 1.6:1

2-3 one in. slices

2-3x/week Crunchy it good for them? Yes!
Cilantro 27 mg 1.4:1 10-20 stems 1-2x/week It may taste like soap to you, but what about your guinea pig? Yes, they can have it!
Corn 5 mg 0:02:1 2-3 kernels 1x/week Not that great for them, but they can have it occasionally!
Cucumbers 2.8 mg 0.7:1

1-2 one in. slices

2-3x/week Crunchy water part two! (And yes, they can have it.)
Green Beans 16.3 mg 1:1

1-2 full beans

2-3x/week Guinea pigs are the cutest beans, but are green beans good for them? Yes!
Kale 93.4 mg 2.4:1 1-2 leaves 1-2x/week Super food, but is it super good for your guinea pigs? Only in small amounts!
Lettuce 1.9 mg 0.8:1 1 leaf almost daily There's different kinds...better read up on 'em all!
Okra 23 mg 1.3:1 1 full piece 1-2x/week Crunchy and tasty. (And yes, they can have them)
Pumpkin 9 mg 0.5:1

2-3 half in. cubes

1x/month Are they good for your guinea pigs or are they spooky and bad? Kinda spooky, kinda good. Only have a little!
Rosemary 21.8 mg 0.2:1 2-3 leaves 1x.week Only in very small emounts!
Spinach 28.1 mg 2:1 4 leaves 1-2x/week Yes, the Popeye effect is imminent!
Sweet Potatoes 2.4 mg 0.8:1 1 half in. cube 1x/month Yes, but never give them regular potatoes though!
Tomatoes 13.7 mg 0.2 1 in. cube 1x/week Is this technically a fruit? Yes. Did we include it here anyway? Also yes. Can they eat it? Also yes.
Turnips 21 mg 1.1:1

1 half in. cube

1-2x/week Yes, crunchy munchy and so good to your piggy.
Watercress 14.6 mg 2:1

2-3 stalks with leaves

1-2x/week Yes! Water-rich and great for hydration.
Zucchini 17.9 mg 0.4:1 1-2 in. slice almost daily Just as tasty as it is good for them!

We hope this will be a useful guide for you to refer to as questions arise, but at the end of the day, the best thing to do when figuring out what's best for your guinea pigs' diets is to carefully monitor them and their bodies' reactions! If there are changes in their behavior, their urine, or their poops, then it's a sign to either reduce the amount of something you're giving them, or stop altogether!

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I know that actual results may vary, but is there a source that lists how much a pig can have daily in grams? Things like “1 leaf” and “2–3 stalks with leaves” isn’t as clear as “50 g of romaine lettuce.”


What does the ca:p mean on this chart????


What do the Guinea pigs vegetable do they like the best?

Krit Johnson

Hi MJ MCGANN-PAGNONI, It’s recommended to provide about one cup of fresh vegetables per guinea pig per day, along with a constant supply of fresh hay. Ideally, you should introduce a mix of leafy greens like kale, spinach, cilantro, and dandelion greens, along with other safe vegetables such as bell peppers, cucumbers, and carrots. When it comes to vegetables, it’s crucial to offer a diverse range to ensure they receive all the necessary nutrients. Romaine lettuce is generally safe for guinea pigs, but it should be given as a part of a varied vegetable selection rather than as the sole vegetable.


I’ve been giving my two piggies 2 cups of Romaine lettuce at night regardless plus a little bit of others. Is that too much for two guinea pigs?

MJ McGann-Pagnoni

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