GuineaDad Guide: Bonding with your Piggies

GuineaDad Guide: Bonding with your Piggies

We all want to have a better connection with our little furry friends, right? Well, sometimes it can be hard for our little friends to adapt to such huge beings. Whether you want to help ease some stress off your piggies' little shoulders or just want to bond more with them, we would like to help with a few tips! 

As always, if you do not enjoy reading, our YouTube link will be provided below.


On with the short and simple process!

You want to start out by getting into your piggy's cage. We also recommend spot cleaning (for obvious reasons!) before you decide to take a seat!


Tip two is to make yourself comfortable. Ideally, you would want to sit in the cage for a while. Be sure to move slowly when finding a comfortable position. You do not want to startle them!


Tip three is to not touch your piggies. No matter how much they rub against your legs, crawl over you or even pee or poo on you (which they may do), do not touch them! You want to let them know that you will not do anything to bother or harm them. Letting them know that they can walk around you freely without you touching or reaching for them will help put them at ease around you and in turn will make them happier and less stressed.

See how Peanut, Tofu, and Dumpling are all playing around? This is a wonderful sign that they trust you and are comfortable being around you. We recommend using a blanket to allow them to burrow- something piggies everywhere love to do! As stated before, do not touch them. Just let them approach you!


When you are finished, you may notice a lot of little poos. This is a good thing! Piggies tend to do their business wherever they feel safe and comfortable- meaning that they feel safe around you!


This is our process for bonding with our guinea pigs here at GuineaDad! We hope you find these simple and quick tips helpful for bonding with your precious furry friends! Didn't feel like reading? Check out our YouTube channel through the link below watch this process yourself!

Bonding with the Guinea Pig - The Best Kept Secret:

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