Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to be Pet?

Where Guinea Pigs Like to Be Pet

During our last live, someone asked me if it's normal for their guinea pigs to not be pet or carried. The truth is, all guinea pigs are different and carry different personalities, just like people. Guinea pigs in general are very timid and cautious creatures, so it is not surprising that they may not want to be touched. For example, Tofu and Dumpling do not like for their belly or bottom to be pet. There is however, one condition.

Where do guinea pigs like to be pet?

Today during our vlog, we called Tofu and Dumpling over to us. As they approached we reached over to give their heads and bellies a little love. They were very fidgety, until we pulled out some GuineaDad Pea Flakes. Once we were feeding them their daily dose of treats, they did not mind being pet anywhere. In fact, they were climbing all over us. The reason why guinea pigs don’t like their bellies or backs being touched is because it feels unexpected to them. When they are being touched on their belly or bottom, it often reminds them of predator-like behavior. 

Guinea Pig Petting Location Cheat Sheet

If you are a parent of guinea pigs that are very particular about where they are touched, don’t worry. This behavior is normal and can be very conditional. Try pulling out their favorite veggies or GuineaDad Pea Flakes. Then while they eat, gently stroke their head. After they get comfortable with the idea of you petting them while they eat, gently start from head or ears. Remember that patience is key, and after routinely petting the same areas, slowly try to move to more difficult parts like belly and butt. Once the guinea pigs feel comfortable, they may conditionally let you pet them anywhere. This is a great way to bond with your guinea pig and a helpful method in gaining their trust as well.


  • KBH

    This is helpful information. I am fostering a male guinea pig and was wondering the best way to assist him with being pet so that he becomes more attractive to potential adopters.

  • Adalicia Peterson

    I got a guinea pig for my birthday last year, and is there a right or wrong way to hold a guinea pig? When I pick her up, she squeals very loudly. I feel very bad and I’m scared I might hurt her. Please help!

  • Tamara

    Good info. A few months ago I took in two females who needed to be rehomed. They are both about 1yr and a half old. Both are very skittish about being held, they are getting used to being petted now and even seem excited to see me when I come home. So guess it’s progress. Definitely going to try some of the tips on your site.

  • GuineaDad

    @Amber if you are looking for C&C cage, I use one from www.offbeatclub.com If you are looking to do some DIY, we actually have a video (on our YouTube) on using IKEA tables to create a cage that is similar to 2×6 C&C cage in size :)

  • Amber Michaela Bennett

    What do you suggest for a cage for our guinea piggs

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