Why are leashes bad for guinea pigs?

Despite the fact that there are leashes that are advertised for use on guinea pigs, you should never use them on your...
Why are leashes bad for guinea pigs?

Despite the fact that there are leashes that are advertised for use on guinea pigs, you should never use them on your guinea pig.

These can be dangerous and harmful to your guinea pigs, and there’s no reason for you to be putting them in a leash or a collar, especially after you read on and learn about the risks!

Why are leashes bad for your guinea pig?

The most important thing to know is that leashes and collars can lead to broken bones and other injuries internally.

They have very fragile necks, and their spines aren’t as flexible as other small animals. There’s also the size difference between you and your piggy! You may underestimate your strength and pull on the leash too hard, leading to serious injuries.

There’s also the chance that while on a leash, your guinea pig will be scared or startled by something and try to run away, which can cause harm to their neck if you’re holding the leash too firmly.

Leashes and collars also can just cause a lot of stress for your guinea pig in general. Too much stress is never good for your guinea pig’s overall health, because it also weakens their immune system and makes them susceptible to illnesses.

It’s also important to note that when you put a leash on your guinea pig too loose, there’s a chance that they can wriggle out of it and escape, and try to run away. This is dangerous especially if you’re out and about. They could get attacked by predators, or they could run into the streat and get hit by a car. There are so many dangerous possibilities.

Leashes and collars can also be too harsh on your piggies’ skin and fur. The excessive rubbing can lead to irritation and skin injuries.

This reasoning against leashes and collars is the most obvious—because aside from the injuries that can occur to their neck if they’re wearing a leash or collar, they can also choke to death.

Anything that goes around their neck has quite a big risk of cutting off their air supply, which can be fatal.

We know, you might want to put a leash on your guinea pig because you want to take them on walks, but this really isn’t a good idea!

If you’re wanting to keep your guinea pig active, the best way is to give them supervised floor time in your home, or if you really want to bring them outside, you can give them a patch of grass in your backyard to run around in.

The bottom line?

Please don’t put leashes and collars on your guinea pig! It’s not safe for them, and we don’t want to put any of our piggies, or yours, in any danger!

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Hi Thanks for this information! I have seen these online but also in a local retailer in the UK. I’ve contacted the retailer’s head office to explain why this should not be stocked. Also I’ve contacted two manufacturers – Rosewood and Trixie – as they are the ones who make and sell these to the retailers in the first place. Let’s see how it goes! But I’m on the case here in the UK.


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