guinea pig fleece bedding in different colors
guinea pigs love guinea pig fleece bedding
guinea pig fleece bedding in various colors
guinea pig fleece bedding with a guinea pig hideout
different sizes of the best guinea pig fleece bedding
GuineaDad Guinea Pig Fleece Liner Material Layers showing moisture wicking fleece bamboo blend fiber and waterproof backing
cute guinea pigs in fleece bedding for guinea pigs

GuineaDad Liner- Full Sizes with Pockets

Regular price $53.95

GuineaDad fleece cage liner is the BEST fleece bedding for guinea pigs. Check out the details below!

Small No Pocket GuineaDad Liner Available Here 

Why is GuineaDad Liner is the #1 guinea pig fleece bedding? What makes them better than other types of guinea pig bedding?

Super Absorbent - Highly absorbent. The GuineaDad fleece bedding is the ultimate bedding that is able to take in up to three times its weight in water. It absorbs moisture away from the fleece layer to keep the fleece and small animal’s feet dry. The dryness minimizes the chance of bumblefoot, which can be life-threatening for small animals.

Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, and Anti-microbial - Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and odor resistant. The bamboo fiber found in our fleece bedding has the natural properties that reduce the chance of small animals acquiring any bacteria-related disease, ranging from respiratory to conjunctivitis. The properties also minimize odor build up.

Grows Naturally - It’s pretty obvious that we care about our small animal friends. We also care about the environment! The bamboos grow quickly without any pesticides or fertilizers. We like to use an easily renewable resource to protect our Earth.

Biodegradable - Bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable, great for the earth. GuineaDad’s plastic-free corrugated box package is made with perforated die-lines that you can tear off and use as a house.

Product Size

GuineaDad Liners are intentionally created larger than cages. After the first couple washes, the Liner will shrink to fit the cage better. If the liner is bigger than the cage, you can use the extra length to cover the wall. Always great to guard against guinea pig pee gun!

Note: Below is the inner dimension of the cage size, not the size of GuineaDad Liner. The Liner will change size due to the above stated reason. 

  • Midwest: Designed for a Midwest Guinea Habitat, which is ~24"x47"(61x120cm)
  • 2x4: Designed for a 2x4 C&C, which is ~27"x56" ( 69x142cm)
  • 2x3: Designed for a 2x3 C&C, which is ~27"x41" ( 69x104cm)
Other sizes below are available here
  • 2x2: Designed for a 2x2 C&C, which is ~27"x27" ( 69x69cm)
  • 2x1: Designed for a 2x1 C&C, which is ~27"x14" ( 69x36cm)
  • Pee Pads: Designed for the high traffic area (i.e. under the pocket and corners). ~12"x12" (30x30cm)

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guinea pig in guinea pig liner with burrow pocket

Signature Burrow Pocket

Naturally guinea pigs burrow, so why should we stop them? With our built in pocket they can burrow to their heart's content!

guinea pig bedding
guinea pig bedding
guinea pig bedding

Safe & Healthy

GuineaDad Liners are made of premium materials that helps reduce the contraction fatal infections! The natural properties found in bamboo is also found in our liner making it anti-bacterial, anti-microbial making it one of the best guinea pig bedding.

guinea pig fleece bedding
guinea pig fleece bedding

Free Hidey Included

Comes packed in our reusable packaging! Just pop out the perforations and within seconds it becomes a edible hidey that your guinea pigs can munch away at and feel safe at the same time!

guinea pig fleece bedding with a guinea pig hidey