GuineaDad Wooden Castle

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The Perfect Hidey for Guinea Pigs!
Let them hide in style in this safe to chew Wooden Guinea Pig Castle!

Customization Available!

Treat your guinea pig like royalty! Send us a photo and name of your guinea pig and we will engrave on their very own custom Castle.

How to order:

1. Choose the customized option and purchase.

2. Choose a photo of your guinea pig. When choosing a photo to send in, you must consider the following guidelines:                

    • The photo must be clear photo, we cannot accept any that are blurry. (the higher resolution, the better)
    • The photo must show your guinea pig's face clearly.
3. Send the photo and name of your guinea pig, and order number via chat (icon on the bottom right of website) or email (

    We will send the confirmation number once your item gets shipped!

    GuineaDad - Queen's Castle- Premier Guinea Pig Hideout

    Product Dimension - ~ 9" x 9" x 9"

    It's finally here, a majestic guinea pig hidey made with all natural, untreated wood so that piggies can hide and chew in peace.

    Reduce Conflict Amongst Guinea Pigs - The walls of the Queen's castle are able to withstand even the bluntest force from male boars. When two guinea pigs try to enter a hidey together, one can escape through the back door and other through the side door, providing safe escape options to prevent altercations. The mere size of our Queen's Castle guinea pig hidey- radiates royalty with space allowing your piggies to play in their own area while keeping distance from brothers or sisters.

    A Guinea Pig Hidey made with Design in Mind - What more is there to say, it's shaped like a castle with adorable prints and luxurious rooms, giving this guinea pig hideout it's obvious name. Even Interior Designers would want a piece of this house!

    Helps to Keep Piggies' Teeth in Check - With this Queen's Castle hidey being made from a  natural and untreated wood material, you can feel secure your fur baby is safe playing around with its walls. Guinea pigs can chew until their heart's content due to the safe-natured hideout structure, helping to maintain their teeth at an optimal length without worry.

    Bonus Hidey - Like always, GuineaDad tries his best to make sure we do our part in reducing waste. The packaging from this guinea pig castle, just like all our other packaging's, are able to be repurposed for another guinea pig house! That is right, you can reuse our shipping packages as another guinea pig hidey home or play place for free!



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    timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

    Customize It!

    Treat your guinea pigs like royalty

    How is it customized?

    Send us the name and photo of your guinea pig, and we will engrave on the Castle! Perfect way to spoil your guinea pigs with a special gift!

    GuineaDad Queen's castle wooden hidey for guinea pigs

    Whoever Shall Enter

    The Adventure Begins

    guinea pig illustration
    guinea pig illustration

    Someone Dare Approach

    Prove Her Worth

    knight guinea pig illustration
    guinea pig reaching up to their owner

    Out to the Battlefield, Into Your Arms

    guinea pig cardboard hidey
    how to build a guinea pig wooden house
    you can use the outer cardboard packaging to make a cardboard castle hide for your guinea pig

    Maintain Dental Health

    Safe to Chew

    the steps showing you how to put together the wooden castle hide for guinea pigs
    with all the attention to detail, guineadad wooden hidey's packaging comes so you can make another cardboard hidey from it


    Innovative Packaging