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Why choose GuineaDad's Cages & Habitats

In order to stay active and healthy, guinea pigs need an enclosed space made especially for them to roam around freely. This is why GuineaDad and Offbeat Club have come out with our very own guinea pig cage and guinea pig habitat. We’ve done careful research and gone through a detailed development plan for the OB Piggy Lounge, which is the best guinea pig cage you could possibly find. We’re on a mission to not only take the best care of our own guinea pigs, but yours too. The most ideal C&C cage combo for the safest and healthiest living environment for your guinea pig is the OB Piggy Lounge, and the GuineaDad Premium Liners.

The different sizes of our C&C cages can accommodate different numbers of guinea pigs, with the smallest one being able to comfortably provide enough space for two guinea pigs according to the Humane Society’s recommendations.

We want to offer up the highest quality guinea pig cage on the market, because we have personal investment in them—our very own guinea pigs use this cage. We want to give them an environment that is not only clean and comfortable, but safe. Our biggest concern is making our piggies, and yours, feel safe so they can live their happiest, healthiest lives.