GuineaDad Treat Health Benefits

Stress & Anxiety Relief
Chamomile: Perfect treat for nervous guinea pigs

Stress can take a toll on guinea pigs' health, so it's important to take measures to help them relax. Chamomile is well known for its calming effects, which can be especially beneficial for guinea pigs when they are settling into a new environment.

Digestive Health
Dandelion Leaf: Keep that bowel moving and stay healthy

Inspecting your guinea pig's droppings should be a regular part of his/her health check. If your guinea pig is struggling with constipation or digestive issues, dandelion leaf can be a great natural remedy.

Boost Appetite & Immunity
Marigold: Boost appetite for picky eaters

One of the most essential components of guinea pig health is having a balanced diet. Marigold can be a great way to stimulate the appetite of fussy eaters or guinea pigs who are under the weather.

Urinary Health
Raspberry Leaf: Protect your guinea pigs from urinary issues

Urinary issues are quite common among adult guinea pigs. From mild urinary tract infections to more serious kidney stones, raspberry leaves can be a powerful medication for treating these conditions.

Vitamin C Boost
Rose Hip: Help your guinea pigs stay healthy and fight off scurvy

Scurvy is a common malady among guinea pigs if they are not provided with sufficient Vitamin C. Rose Hip is an excellent source of Vitamin C and iron, which can help prevent and treat this ailment.

Tasty Immunity Boost
Pea Flake: Tasty treat with health benefits

Did you know that pea flakes are not just a delicious snack but also a source of lysine that can help guinea pigs build up their immune system? This nutritious treat helps guinea pigs produce antibodies, hormones, and enzymes that improve their resistance to illnesses.


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