Guinea pig diets tend to be pretty healthy on their own, but we understand that sometimes piggy parents want to add in supplements to help in certain areas of their nutrition where they may need a little extra. 

Marigold is a great way to add in some extra fiber to help with your piggy’s digestive system because it’s got such a good amount of fiber! It’s also known to be good for soothing external skin injuries, and boosting the immune system. 

We made sure to take care of the little details, down to the thoughtful packaging for your convenience. The supplements are in a sturdy cup container, which means it’ll protect the little treats from crumbling or falling apart. The lid is also designed to be helpful with serving—there are two different sized openings! 

And if we’re being honest, the way to a piggy’s heart is through their stomach a lot of the time, and these treats are the perfect way to do it! They’re tasty, and healthy, and your guinea pig will love them (and you).


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