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Toy Bundle

Toy Bundle

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GuineaDad Toy Bundle! Treat your pet to the Special Edition Queen's Castle and the adorable Piggy Play Package. Perfect for sharing love and joy.
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Product features

📦 What's included?

  • Special Valentine's Edition Queen's Castle
  • Piggy Play Package (Pink)

❤️ Valentine Edition Queen's Castle product features ❤️

  • Limited Edition Valentine's Special: This Valentine's Day, the Queen's Castle is available in limited quantities, featuring exquisite engraving designs that make it not only a luxurious habitat but also a collector's item for your pet's environment.
  • Spacious and Regal Design: The Queen's Castle boasts an impressive size (approx. 9" x 9" x 9"), offering ample space for guinea pigs to play and relax. Its castle-like structure not only adds an element of fun but also provides a luxurious and unique habitat.
  • Safe and Durable Material: Made from natural, untreated wood, this hidey ensures safety for guinea pigs, allowing them to chew without harm and withstands active play, particularly from male boars.
  • Conflict Prevention: The castle features multiple exits, enabling guinea pigs to avoid conflicts by providing easy escape routes during their interactions.
  • Dental Health Benefits: The wood material is ideal for guinea pigs to chew on, assisting in maintaining their teeth at a healthy length.
  • Eco-Friendly and Creative Packaging: The packaging of the castle is designed to be repurposed into 'The Crunchy Castle', an additional hidey, demonstrating a commitment to reducing waste and maximizing value.

✨ Piggy Play Package product features

Our cushion is designed to be multifunctional so you can get the best value out of it, not just as bedding, but other purposes as well. Just place a cushion in the liner pocket, and your guinea pigs are ready to lay down on it and sleep! It can also be used as a pee pad, if they happen to do their little business there. You can set it into their cage for the most convenience for you, and your guinea pig.

This is another item that can be multifunctional, which will make this a must-have item as a piggy parent. This can be used to handle your guinea pig so they’re comfortable being held—whether it’s for petting, administering medication, or trimming their nails, this pouch can be used for it all! The materials we use were chosen and created with all guinea pigs in mind—Abyssinian guinea pig, Teddy guinea pig, Peruvian guinea pig, and all others—they’ll be at peak comfort. Even your hairless guinea pig will find absolute comfort in our pouch. 

Your best bet for guinea pig zoomies! This guinea pig toy will be their go-to destination. They can run in and out of the tunnel, and you can be reassured that they’re expending that extra burst of energy in a safe and comfy manner. Because they’re able to play and also stimulate their minds and bodies, it ensures that you’re doing everything you can to ensure the longest possible guinea pig lifespan.

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Superior Quality: Our Chew-Safe Wood Hideout

Designed with your pet's well-being in mind, our Guinea Pig Castle is crafted from whole, natural wood, distinguishing it from many other hideouts made with plywood. Plywood often contains chemicals and glues, making it less safe for chewing.

Our choice of wood ensures a lightweight, durable, and splinter-free experience, making it a superior, safe option for your pet's chewing needs. This robust construction not only ensures safety but also offers a long-lasting, enjoyable retreat for your guinea pig.

Easy and Fun Assembly: Create Your Own Guinea Pig Maze!

Assembling the Queen's Castle is as simple as piecing together a puzzle. Just connect the four walls and roof, and voila!

But that's not all – this unique design allows you to rearrange the castle, creating an exciting maze that mentally stimulates your guinea pig.

This feature not only enhances your pet's habitat but also contributes to their happiness. For more guinea pig playtime tips, check out our guide here.

Extra Fun with Every Purchase!

Our clever packaging transforms into 'Crunchy Castle' – an additional chew-safe hidey for your guinea pig.

This innovative, eco-friendly design doubles the fun, offering a bonus hidey.

Cushion: The Ultimate Comfort

Just as comfortable and safe for your piggy as it is to use! Place a cushion in the liner pocket, and your guinea pig is all set to lay in it.

Pouch: Perfect for Cuddling

For ease of petting, and all around piggy handling. Anything from simply holding your guinea pig, to aiding in administering medication comfortably and safely—the pouch is a guinea parent’s best friend.

Tunnel: Fun Zoomies

Your guinea pig’s go-to zoomies destination. Let them feel the wind in their fur, happily, safely, and comfortably.

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