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“7 Ways Being a Pet is Like Being a Celebrity”

Some folks choose the limelight, others have it thrust upon them. Here are 7 ways that being a pet rabbit is like bei...
“7 Ways Being a Pet is Like Being a Celebrity”

Hey there, BunnyGang!
MTV’s coveted annual Video Music Awards (VMAs) aired this week, showcasing spectacular performances from popstars like Shakira, Doja Cat, and Olivia Rodrigo.

The VMAs have continued to evolve over the years, reflecting the changing trends in music and entertainment, and they remain an important platform for artists to showcase their work and connect with their fans. The show remains one of the most highly anticipated events in the music industry each year.

This year, however, while we all watched Taylor Swift seeming to relish a rare chance to just be an “ordinary” member of the audience at a concert, it highlighted just how tiring the weight of celebrity might be for some.

Though most celebrities choose the limelight at least somewhat consciously, there are those among us, perhaps even within our own households, who have the  many pressures of fame thrust upon them. With the adoring fans, relentless paparazzi photos, and never-ending social obligations, this gilded cage is one that many of our pets know all too well.

Now sure, this endless stream of attention might not be such a bad deal for the Golden Retrievers and Labradors of the world, but what about the shy animals? The prey animals, who have the need for alone time built into their evolutionary make up? Those animals may be facing a bit of a challenge.

7 Reasons Why Being a Pet Rabbit Can Be Compared to Being a Celebrity

Cool Rabbit - Famous bunny - why being a pet rabbit is like being a celebrity

Adoring Fans: Just like celebrities have fans who admire and adore them, pet rabbits often have owners and families who shower them with love and affection. These owners can be considered their "fans."

Paparazzi Moments: Rabbits might experience their own version of paparazzi moments when their owners take photos and videos of them doing cute or amusing things. These images and videos can be shared on social media, making the rabbit a star in its own right.

Special Treatment: Okay, this one’s not that bad, but I’m sure it can start to mess with your sense of perspective after a while. Celebrities often receive special treatments, such as fancy clothes, grooming, and spa days. Similarly, pet rabbits may get special treatments like grooming sessions, new toys, and luxurious living conditions in their hutches or cages.

Social Media Fame: Some pet rabbits have their own social media profiles and gather a significant following. Their adorable antics and daily lives are shared with the online world, making them "Internet celebrities."

Public Appearances: In some cases, pet rabbits may make public appearances at events, pet shows, or even on television, showcasing their unique qualities and talents to an audience.

Endorsements: Celebrities often endorse products and brands, and in this age of social media, many pet rabbits have become "spokesbunnies" or “brand ambassadors” for pet products, pet channels, or lifestyle vlogs.

Frequent Attention: Celebrities are often in the spotlight, and pet rabbits can also receive a lot of attention and interaction from their owners, which can make them feel like they're constantly in the spotlight in their own way.

It’s impossible not to want to showcase our adorable pets. That’s not the message here. We think that highlighting cute and nice things provides a welcome balance to the internet, and is probably good for everyone’s health.

We can’t and should stop. However, we must always remember that just like our popstars, our pets sometimes deserve to just exist on their own terms, go to concert and sing without being hounded for pictures and autographs, and maybe need a night or two off sometimes, just to chill at home.

Thanks for listening, BunnyGang! Catch you next time!
~ BunnyDad

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