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Anime characters that guinea pigs would relate to

There are so many fun anime characters that we think guinea pigs can relate to based on personality traits and their ...
anime characters that guinea pigs relate to

There are so many fun anime characters that we think guinea pigs can relate to based on personality traits and their goals in their respective universes! Just keep in mind that there are so many different anime and so many characters, there’s no way that we could name them all here, or the blog post would go on forever.

We’ve even got some characters from newer anime in this list, and we hope that you agree with us!

Aki from Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man

Yes, when we said new, we meant new. Yeah, this anime has only been out for a few weeks, but the manga has been out for longer! From what we’ve seen so far in the anime, we think some guinea pigs could relate to certain aspects of his character and his personality.

Aki tends to be on the quiet side and seems to prefer observing rather than speaking his mind. He also doesn’t seem to like Denji at first, and doesn’t seem to like newcomers in general. It takes him a while to warm up to anyone, just like it takes a bit for guinea pigs to bond with new humans and new piggy friends. 

Aki is also very mature and dependable, and looks out for his fellow Devil hunters. Guinea pigs are herd animals and enjoy being around each other, but even more than that, they are always looking out for one another as well. Aki is always on guard, but despite this, once he can become quite attached to his companions, just like piggies become attached to their humans and friends. 


Zenitsu from Demon Slayer

demon slayer

Yes, one of the best boys from arguably one of the biggest anime out there right now. If you’ve seen Demon Slayer then you know exactly what Zenitsu is like: he’s a bit of a nervous wreck, but he always steps up and does what needs to be done when his friends need him to.

He’s brave and values friendship and family, and he’s reliable. He’s always ready to protect Nezuko, and is there to help Tanjiro and Inosuke whenever they’re in trouble. While he may cower away at first, he’s there when it counts the most and his friends know that they can always look to him for support.

Guinea pigs are similar in that they’re also tiny little nervous wrecks sometimes, but once they’re comfortable, they will look out for their piggy companions. Family and friends are just as important to guinea pigs as they are to Zenitsu. 

Yamaguchi from Haikyuu!


You may have noticed the pattern in all these characters, but we’ve chosen them for a reason!

Yamaguchi is a side character in Haikyuu that really grows into his own and becomes more central later on in the show. He’s a little on the meeker side in the beginning, but he’s observant and fiercely protective of his childhood friend Tsukishima and his other friends at Karasuno, even if they don’t necessarily need him to be. He’s always looking for ways to improve, and he wants to be able to contribute to the team in his own way.

Guinea pigs are similar! They’re a bit on the meeker side at first, but they can be fiercely defensive and be quite vocal when they’re unhappy about something that has happened or a situation that they’re in. As mentioned before, guinea pigs enjoy being around companions and are always looking after one another, and Yamaguchi is no different. 

Atsushi from Bungo Stray Dogs

bungo stray dogs

Atsushi, and Bungo Stray Dogs in general, are personal favorites, which is why it makes sense that we’d relate our favorite little furry friends to this anime character! 

Atsushi is quite a frazzled, nervous character due to his upbringing and how he lived most of his life, but he’s just as brave and heroic at the same time. He’s low in confidence at first because he’s all alone until he gets taken in by Dazai and the detective industry he works at. We’d go as far as to say that Atsushi’s found-family story plotline in this anime is so similar to guinea pigs being adopted and brought into guinea pigs families where they have so many new family members to look after them and for them to look after in return! 

It’s heartwarming to see the way that Atsushi is taken in and taught confidence and how to become stronger and more himself when he gains new friends and companions that care about him and for him to learn to care for as well. Guinea pigs are so similar in this way, and we think that Atsushi might be the best character to relate them to out of our list so far!

Kyo from Fruits Baskets

fruits basket

This character is a little different from the others because Kyo isn’t quiet or shy, but he is very, very very protective of his family and the people he loves. He’s always looking out for others, even if he doesn’t seem like it, and he comes off as cold and unfriendly at first, but takes a long time to warm up to people because he has trust issues. When he does give his trust to people, he’s aggressive with the way he cares about his people and the way he goes about doing things in order to protect them. 

We’d say that guinea pigs are quite similar to Kyo in this way. Of course not all guinea pigs are the same and they have different personalities and different characteristics. Some might be more social or friendly than others, and others might be more vocal or defensive. This is why we think that Kyo is a character that still has some of the personality traits that a lot of guinea pigs have, but is still a little different from the other characters we’ve listed so far.

Ray from The Promised Neverland

promised neverland

This character follows some of the same characteristics that other characters we’ve listed have, but he’s also extremely smart for his age, since he is a kid! Ray is quiet, and prefers to be more of an observer than someone who steals the show and talks a ton. 

He is always watching, taking in information and using it in his favor! He uses this knowledge that he gains to help his fellow orphans and to take care of them, even if it doesn’t seem that way from certain decisions that he made in the anime. Ray is fiercely protective of the people he loves, even if it’s in a quieter, more subtle way. 

Guinea pigs are similar to him in this way! Piggies are so much more intelligent than they’re given credit for, and we think it’s the same with Ray and his intelligence—people underestimate Ray and piggies. 

All guinea pigs have their own personalities!

Of course they do, especially because they live in such different situations and their personalities are formed based on their experiences that they live through. However, this is just a general list of just a few characters that we think guinea pigs relate to. Maybe we could do more parts in the future with even more characters!

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OMG! I especially love the fruits basket ones because I love fruits basket, and it was the first anime I ever read/watched. But what about Momji? And I was alos hoping to see a Hero Acedamia character.


OMG! I especially love the fruits basket ones because I love fruits basket, and it was the first anime I ever read/watched. But what about Momji? And I was alos hoping to see a Hero Acedamia character.


Where Is Eren Yeager?


Totally agree with these choices! Especially Atsushi – such a great comparison, and so like our beloved guinea pigs!


My Guinea pig Fluffy had died recently and now Furry( my other one) is left alone. Do you have any tips on how to cheer Furry up?

BTW, you have an awesome channel and I love seeing your guineas running around ( I’m a subscriber)!


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