Christmas Activities That Will Make Your Guinea Pigs Happy!

Your guinea pigs need some celebration too. Get ready for Christmas with these ideas!
Christmas Activities for your Guinea Pig

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Unlike my usual Christmas that consists of working and catching up on some sleep, this year, I wanted to do something special for myself and the girls.

I went to nearby Michael’s to buy some miniature Christmas decorations and lights. First, I put the lights around the cage and some bright red decorations around the cage, topping it off with Peanut’s picture. The Queen’s Castle was also decorated with fairy lights and bright red miniature toys. I think the girls were happier than we were and wanted to help out 

We also gave Tofu and Dumpling some Christmas presents! We wrapped some pea flakes in the gold gift box and cute wrapping paper. Dumpling got too excited and tried to snatch the gift box and run. Fortunately we only ended up with a small chew mark on the wrapping paper.

When everything was ready Tofu and Dumpling happily destroyed the bouquet of red bell pepper slices and gobbled up pea flakes in the gift box.

Fun Christmas Activities that will make your Guinea Pig Happy

I hope you guys also get a chance to spend extra time with your guinea pigs during the holidays. The guinea pigs are curious creatures and doing something different will keep them happy and healthy. Something as simple as wrapping treats that your guinea pigs can smell will catch their attention and stimulate them. Just like rearranging the toys inside the cage, safe holiday decorations are another way to keep the piggies happy!

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