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Why are guinea pigs so cute? You decide.Baby guinea pigs, cute guinea pigs, silly guinea pigs, whatever they are, the...
Cute guinea pigs, cute cavies, cute guinea pig, baby guinea pigs, cute animals

 Hey there, GuineaGang!

Did you know that looking at pictures of cute animals (even humans) can be good for your health? Studies have shown this activity can be linked to stress reduction, mood enhancement, gratitude, and feelings of overall well being. It can even improve focus and cognition

Is that enough persuasion for you? We here at GuineaDad believe that it's our duty to help all of Earth's creatures however we can (including you), so with these many benefits in mind, we've made you a cute guinea pig gallery of mental wellbeing. You're welcome.

Ready for a deep dive into a world of cute cavies? Us too!

Without further ado, we give you:

Cute Guinea Pigs!

chubby guinea pig, baby guinea pig, babyboar


Cute cavy, cute guinea pig, babyboar

If you're a guinea parent yourself, you've surely felt these effects in person, but what about while you're at work? Out with friends? In your car? In bed?
Wherever you are, you deserve to see some cute guinea pigs. It's important for your health.

In fact, I know that we're a bit biased over here at GuineaDad, but I'd really recommend looking at some cute animals at least a few times a day, just to keep those feel-good neurotransmitters flowing. You saw me mention that peer-reviewed research earlier. This is science. Plain and simple.

science guinea pig meme

(guinea pig of science)

Alright, have I convinced you? I sure hope so, because here are some more exceptionally cute pictures of guinea pigs:

cute guinea pig , dandelion, guinea pig dandelion, guinea pigs dandelions

super cute guinea pig

cute guinea pigs, cute guinea pig

cute guinea pigs

Baby Guinea Pigs

Do you know what’s cuter than baby guinea pigs? Possibly nothing on the planet. For some evidence to my point, please refer to Exhibits A-F.

baby guinea pig , cute guinea pig, cute baby guinea pig, cute guinea pigs, baby guinea pigs, babyboar
(Exhibit A)

baby guinea pig , cute guinea pig, cute baby guinea pig, cute guinea pigs, baby guinea pigs, babyboar

(Exhibit B)

cute baby guinea pig, baby alpaca guinea pig
(Exhibit C)

baby guinea pig, baby alpaca guinea pig
(Exhibit D)

cute baby guinea pigs, baby alpaca guinea pigs, babyboar

(Exhibits E & F)

We know that our little guinea pigs are social animals, so to see some heartwarming guinea-to-guinea cuteness, here are some:

Guinea Pigs in Pairs

cute guinea pigs in the garden

cute pair of guinea pigs

tiny cute guinea pigs

cute guinea pigs, guineadad, ru and mi

In the mood for something cute and also a bit weird? How about some...

Guinea Pigs Dressed Like People


guinea pig dressed like a human

guinea pig dressed like a mailman

guinea pig dressed like a wizard

While we should, of course, never actually dress our guinea pigs up in clothing that could stress them or restrict their movements, I think we can all agree that we’re better off after seeing these computer generated images of guinea pigs dressed like wealthy, eccentric octogenarians. 

Now are you ready for the best of both worlds?
Let's try..

Baby Guinea Pigs Dressed like Baby Humans! 
adorable baby guinea pig

tiny cute guinea pigs

baby guinea pig, baby human, guinea pig in a raincoat
Before this,
 I never realized how much a guinea pig wearing a tiny raincoat would make me laugh.

Why are guinea pigs so cute?

Who knows!
Some evolutionary theorists have suggested that as mammals, many of us are genetically-wired to find features like big eyes and chubby cheeks especially cute, to add to our natural childcare instincts.

This theory makes sense to us, even if there are a few pretty clear distinctions between baby humans and guinea pigs...

 baby guinea pig, baby human, guinea pig in a hoodie

Doesn’t matter. Still cute.

Whatever brought you here, we hope that you’re feeling happier now than when you started. If you’re not sure, please feel free to read this blog as many more times as it takes.

Ru, Cuddlecomb, cute guinea pig, GuineaDad

Do you see that heart-melting smile?^ If Ebenezer Scrooge had owned a guinea pig, those time-traveling Christmas ghosts could have all taken the night off!

Do you know any sad or salty someones who might benefit from a quick guinea pig pick-me-up? Or how about just some people you love, whose health you care about? Physicians agree that preventative medicine is often the best medicine, so please, before it's too late, send this guinea pig to someone in your life.

cute guinea pig, Mi, GuineaDad

Clearly, for a topic so important and so laden with resources, this is a list that will continue to grow, so make sure to keep coming back for your daily fix of cute and floofy guinea pigs.

Remember… it's for your health.

Happy cuddling, GuineaGang!

~ GuineaDad

*No real animals were clothed in the creation of these adorable guinea pig portraits.


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