We grew a DIY grow grass for guinea pigs. Watch guinea pigs eat fresh grass

DIY Self Growing Pasture for Guinea Pigs | YouTube

Have you checked out our YouTube channel yet? We do a bunch of fun guinea pig videos that include DIY, challenges, mukbang, and also vlogs!

We decided to take things a step further from our last major DIY... we built our girls a self-growing pasture for them to graze on! Or in other terms, a hydroponic cage. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the use of soil. We built ours to be able to have a constant flow of water going in one direction. A pump pushes water up one tube to the sprinkler PVC pipe on top, the water travels down the acrylic glass wall and onto the seed covered surface. It then travels into the gutter and back down a tube into the water source.


In case you were all wondering what happened to our indoor guinea pig pasture after a week of being exposed to Peanut, Dumpling, and Tofu... here is a little update for you! Our little hydroponic grass experiment is still green, and piggies are starting to frolic around freely now that they have more time to explore it. They've been sleeping on it, eating it, and sniffing it all day. It's now their favorite location to sunbathe in the mornings now that it is a bit chillier.


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How do you clean the grass area from their excrement?


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